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Women Leaders in Natural Health

By , and on March 5, 2018
Women Leaders in Natural Health

Here’s something to celebrate. These five leading ladies and a family of women leaders have helped shape the Canadian landscape in the Natural Health Products Industry.

For International Women’s day and year round, we’d like to recognize them for their dedication to making lives healthier in Ontario, across Canada and in the world.

Tanya Salituro

Tanya Salituro, CanPrev

CanPrev was founded on the trials and triumphs of three-time cancer survivor Tanya Salituro’s multiple journeys of healing. When first diagnosed with cancer at 21, she looked to natural health options for aid and prevention. Not finding the herbs and supplements she was researching and looking for available in the therapeutic quantities she expected for results in one or two products, she began customizing her own formulas. Her original mission was to provide Canadians access to truly therapeutic health products, but also to feel empowered to manage their own health and well-being. That’s the mission she started CanPrev with in 2005 and maintains today.

Based in Toronto, this all-Canadian company has made its mark on the natural health industry as one of the highest quality brands on the market in a very short time, a reputation they gained with practitioners and customers alike. “We’re overwhelmed with the severity of the health challenges we face, the advice we receive, and the myriad of solutions prescribed to us. Tanya implicitly understands this emotional rollercoaster, having gone through her own health challenges with breast cancer,” says Norman Goh, who’s been inspired by and worked with Tanya since the company first began.

Tanya, a mother of four, credits relationships as one of the keys to the company’s success, “We are especially grateful to naturopathic doctors with clinics and other natural practitioners, who regularly give us practical feedback on how they use our products, and fresh ideas as well,” says Salituro. “We’ve really benefited from this partnership and enjoy supporting and helping students of natural health.” Tanya is proud to work with Yonge Street Mission and Naturopaths Without Borders to help bring nutrition and natural health to families in need, both locally and abroad.

“I recall Tanya over the phone or talking one-on-one with us in the office. She would listen, with great empathy, and root out the secret struggles we faced in our daily health challenges,” says Goh, who has progressed within the company from Operations Manager to Vice-President of Marketing. “Fast forward a decade, and the caring, the mission, is still very present. She still prioritizes connecting with everyone who is struggling with their health. She still responds to all the messages she receives.”

As companies grow, it can be easy to lose sight of that original intention, Goh says with Tanya’s example and unending caring, that hasn’t happened, “Tanya inspires and reminds us that health is personal.”

Catherine L. Maguire

Catherine L. Maguire, CLM Health Group 

Tenacious, reliable and passionate are the top three words used to describe Catherine L. Maguire by both clients and health food store owners alike. Catherine (Kate for short), began her journey in the natural health product industry as an independent sales representative. After much success growing the Allimax brand and garlic supplement across Canada, she bravely set out to pursue her own business venture, which we now know to be as the CLM Health Group.

For over 15 years, Kate has been proud to help Canadians through her wholesale distribution of natural products from coast to coast. Kate’s knowledge of sales and marketing intertwined with her commitment to her company prove that hard work does indeed pay off. Recent success for Kate and her company include the new launch of a product called Ateronon; a powerful antioxidant tomato pill used to improve cardiovascular health.

Although incredibly humble, she attributes much of her success to her colleagues, Kate is an inspiration and a driving force in the natural health products field.

“Her word is her bond,” says her supplier Nick Ruggiero of Allimax, “she is reliable, dependable and very personable.”

Her commitment to wellness yields ongoing success to her company and benefits the health of millions of Canadians.

Linda Bolton

Linda Bolton, Top Nutritionals

A former nurse and health care executive, Linda Bolton is CEO and Founder of TOP Nutritionals, best known for bringing Natural Calm to Canada. In 2005, Linda began importing Natural Calm from the US and quickly gained national distribution rights.

She and her husband, Dale, founded Organics 4 Orphans (O4O) and to date have donated over $1.5 million in profits from their business to advance the charity’s efforts. More than donors, the Boltons work hands-on in Kenya at their O4O school, the Growing Health Institute.

Through their work in organic agriculture and green leaf nutrition, the Boltons discovered Moringa oleifera. They launched the SuperLeaf Moringa brand to bring a top quality line of this superfood to Canada.

Linda is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur and has been named one of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs for three consecutive years, “Business success is a long game. Often, it’s gruelling and there are continual challenges. To keep pushing, you absolutely must choose a business that will fuel your passion for years, even decades. I’ve been marketing Natural Calm for over 10 years, and I still feel excited every day about the product and O4O. I wake up feeling so lucky, and so motivated to expand our impact.”

Lorna Vangerhaeghe

Lorna Vanderhaeghe, Lorna Vanderhaeghe Health Solutions

Empowering millions of Canadian women of all ages to take charge of their physical, hormonal, emotional and mental health needs has made Lorna Vanderhaeghe a household name. Her line of nutritional supplements were born from the requests of women looking for solutions for their health concerns.

The success of her company, Lorna Vanderhaeghe Health Solutions Inc. named as one of Canada’s top 100 fastest growing companies in Canada in from 2010 to 2014 in Profit magazine is a testament to the focused mission of her leadership, passion and ability to inspire.

Launching her first nutritional supplement company out of her garage, company growth was hard won community, by community. Often working nine months a year on the road for decades, she continues to reach out in person at live lectures and webinars, through print articles, as well as radio and television interviews.

The nutritional medicine expert and author of over 13 books, many best sellers, mother of four and now grandmother of eight started the conversation about women’s heath issues over 30 years ago when no one else dared and women’s lives today are still transformed through listening.

Cecile LaRiviere

Cecile LaRiviere, femMED

Passion, purity, and ethics are not always at the forefront of big league businesses. For Cecile LaRiviere, they are the values that have carried her through her success as a businesswoman. From a young age, LaRiviere was focused and determined. At just six years old, she began an impressive gymnastics career that ranked her amongst the top gymnasts in South Africa, where she was born and raised. Her commitment and discipline as an athlete was foreshadowing for her prosperity in the Natural Health Product (NHP) industry. LaRiviere’s love for athletics sparked her interest in natural health.

After travelling through Europe, her enthusiasm for natural health evolved into an exceptional career in the NHP industry. Currently, LaRiviere is President and CEO of femMED Formulas Ltd., a North American company that produces natural health supplements, specifically for women. Her accomplished resume includes producing and researching femMED’s formulas.

“Cecile has a drive for excellence in her work,” says William Rowe, president of Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc. “She brings tenacity and forward thinking to femMED whilst closing the gap in how the NHP industry markets to women.” LaRiviere recognizes that women’s needs are different from men’s. Her longstanding goal is to grow femMED as a company that listens to women and offers innovative and effective products in response.

Carlson family

The Carlson Family, Carlson Labs 

The Carlson family’s interest in nutritional supplements began when they experienced the benefits of vitamin E firsthand. Founder Susan Carlson’s father suffered from debilitating chest pain that forced him to stop working. He was unable to find relief until he came across the extensive clinical work of Shute Medical Clinic. After examining him, they suggested he take natural-source vitamin E. In less than three weeks, he was back at work. Susan began researching and was inspired to create her own line of high quality, all-natural vitamin E. J. R. Carlson Laboratories, Inc. was founded in 1965 with a single product, and Susan managed the company from her third-floor Chicago apartment while working part time as a pharmacist.

Ethics and social responsibility are extremely important to us. We want our children, your children, and all future generations to enjoy a healthy life and environment, which is why we manufacture all of our nutritional supplements in a way that minimizes our environmental impact. All of our packaging is recyclable, and we use energy-efficient equipment throughout our facilities. In addition, we make a point to give back. We proudly support global groups and charities that promote the health and well-being of people and animals worldwide.

They are also a favourite choice amoung retailers and consumers. This year they have been honoured to be named the #1 Health Food Store Brand and #1 Fish Oil Products, based on results from the 2017 ConsumerLab.com Survey of Supplement Users. ConsumerLab.com received over 9,500 replies, and respondents rated 155 brands and 99 merchants.

Today, the next generation of Carlson continues to ensure the Carlson name represents the high quality products customers have come to expect. John and Susan’s daughters, President Carilyn Anderson and Vice President of Marketing Kirsten Carlson, and their dedicated team have grown the company to offer more than 200 vitamins, minerals, omega-3s, and other nutritional supplements designed for your family from theirs.

Charleen Wyman is an outdoor enthusiast and publisher of Healthy Directions magazine.

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