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What’s All The Buzz About?

By and on August 31, 2013
bees - What’s All The Buzz About?

     There are a lot of ways to use the power of the wonderful products created by the great bees.  Honey is the sweet food that is made from bees using the nectar of the flowers.  The primary function is to pollinate the flowers and trees.

     Everyone knows the countless uses for honey.  The delightful sweet taste can be added to your tea and coffee, added onto your morning toast, and mix in your baking treats.  Did you know there are a number of different honey products out there, and many uses for them.

Honey:  comes in two forms pasteurized and unpasteurized (raw).  The difference between the two is the Pasteurized homey has gone through a process of heating to kill bacteria and germs.   This will also break down and destroy some of the nutritional value and components of the honey.   Non-pasteurized has not been heat treated and it has all of the nutrients.    The reason for heating of the honey is it increases its shelf life, and to improve its appearance.  Raw honey contains vitamins and minerals that are very important in fighting disease and boosting the digestive system.  The vitamins present in raw honey are B6, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, it also has amino acids.  Calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, sodium and zinc are the minerals found in honey.

Manuka Honey:  Is the honey produced in Australia and New Zealand from the nectar of the Manuka Tree.    This honey has many antibacterial properties.  When applied topically it is effective in the treatment of a variety of skin conditions which include:  eczema, burns, acne, and insect bites.   It has been shown when taken orally to support the digestive system; it can help with acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux and colitis and stomach ulcers.  It is very helpful when taken during a cold or sore throat to lessen the symptoms.  

Bee Propolis: is the resinous substance that is collect from various plants, it is what bees use in the construction of their hive.  It is said to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects.  When applied topically as a salve it is used for abrasions and bruises, and when taken internally can help with dry cough, inflammation of the throat, tonsillitis, ulcers and helps stimulate the immune system.  Propolis contain trace minerals and vitamins, and amino acids, it is very high in bioflavonoids. 

Royal Jelly:  is the substance that is thick and milky that is secreted from the pharyngeal glands of young nurse bees. It is used in the nutrition of larvae and adult queens.  Royal Jelly contains B complex vitamins, including high concentration of pantothenic acid, B6 and is a natural source of pure acetylcholilne.  It has both energizing and immune boosting effects.  It also has vitamins A, C, D and E. 

Honey is also used in a variety of products such as:  lip balm, facial scrubs, skin moisturisers, sore throat syrup, hand soap, acne treatment cream and facial masks, and health supplements.  There are many benefits of honey other than using it as a great sweetener for your tea, and desserts.   It has been used for thousands of years to promote healing of cuts, correct health disorders, and its powerful healing attributes

So listen to all the buzz and enjoy the power of the wonderful substances given to us by the bees.



  Lemon, Ginger and Honey Oh My!

1 ½ cups water

1 tea bag

1/4 cup honey

¼ teaspoon grated ginger

3 ½ cups water

Lemon slices for garnish

Bring 1 ½ cups water to boil with tea bag, Boil for one minute, remove from heat, cover and let steep for 10 min.  Discard tea bags, add honey and ginger.  Add remaining water, and garnish with lemon slices.

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