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Weight Goals with Sue Galluzo

By on September 12, 2019
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Why is it important to know what your fitness goal is before you start an exercise program or training?

It doesn’t have to be a big goal. In fact, a small goal is better than no goal set. If we set goals we can then determine whether or not what we did was effective. When you have something to work towards it makes you work harder. Make a challenge goal to fit into a pair of jeans, work towards a race, or photoshoot. Get stronger and build muscle. It’s you against you and you always want to do better.

Sometimes people say their fitness goal is to lose weight or build muscle. Is doing both important? Should those 50+ lift?

Both are very important. Losing weight by just doing cardio is very short-term and you won’t see the changes last. Lifting weights improves posture, maintains weight loss, and improves metabolism. Therefore, results last longer than just doing strictly cardio. Cardio improves stamina, heart health, and decreases fatigue. It also aids not only in losing weight, but maintains weight loss. Both are mandatory. As we age we want to continue to incorporate weights. We lose bone density making us prone to falls and seriously getting injured. Weight lifting reduces this risk. It will also help keep weight stable.

Barriers to reaching goals can be pain or lack of flexibility. Do you suggest certain foods or supplements and stretching?

Start slow. Don’t dive into excruciating workouts that only leave you in pain. Stretching is definitely necessary. I advise to stretch everyday. Take supplements like glutamine for muscle repair. Omega-3 reduces inflammation. Foods rich in vitamin C help speed up recovery. Magnesium prevents muscle cramps and spasms, making stretching easier.

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What is the best way to build strength and muscle? Which three weight-lifting exercises do you suggest most for the gym and/or at home?

Since legs are the biggest body part, lower body exercises like squats, lunges and squat jumps are amazing. They strengthen your core and legs. Push-ups are an all around necessity and are the most effective exercise for building upper body strength and core. Burpees improve stamina, balance and core strength.

Sue Galluzzo is a GTA-based transformation specialist, Reebok ambassador, nutrition expert and owner of two studios who strives to teach clients how to transform their body and mind using exercise and nutrition. She works with all types of women and men with various backgrounds, goals and abilities.With years of fitness and nutrition experience under her belt, “Sue” is best known for her all-encompassing approach, going into depth with her clients and working with them on an intimate level in order to better understand their goals. She strives at helping individuals reach their true potential through the power of nutrition and fitness. Whether it’s through in studio group fitness classes, one-on-one training sessions, or her online “Best-of-you” home workout and nutrition programs, one thing is clear, with Sue guiding the way, you can have it all. Visit: www.suzangalluzzo.com