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Vegan Plant Proteins

By on January 20, 2015
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Quality nutrition is even more important with age.  There is an inverse relationship between age and caloric need, thus a decreasing appetite.  Since muscles need protein for good health, inadequate good quality protein intake results in loss of muscle mass. 
The easiest way to feel stronger and improve quality of life is choosing adequate high quality protein foods. 

We plan financial security for our retirement, but we should also be planning optimum health in order to enjoy it.  With age we expect diminished eyesight, wrinkles and gray hair but we don't anticipated one of the most serious declines that reduces our functional abilities – the loss of lean muscle tissue. 

Our Lean Muscle Mass Foundation                
Our foundation for strength, power, and balance, lean muscle is key to enjoying life. Lean muscle mass includes smooth muscle (which controls hollow organs such as blood vessels, colon, stomach, bladder, and uterus), cardiac muscle (your heart), and skeletal muscle (muscle attached to bones).  You don't need to be a bodybuilder to enjoy your later years, but you do need enough lean muscle to maintain coordination, flexibility, mobility and your independence.

Aging, Exercise and Nutrition
Aging is associated with aches, pains and disease. However, multiple studies show regular exercise is one of the most important ways to improve muscle mass and health. For all the benefits of exercise try all 4 types: 1) endurance, 2) strength, 3) balance, and 4) flexibility.

Quality nutrition is even more important with age. There is an inverse relationship between age and caloric need, thus a decreasing appetite. Since muscles need protein for good health, inadequate good quality protein intake results in loss of muscle mass. The easiest way to feel stronger and improve quality of life is choosing adequate high quality protein foods. Sometimes balancing needs and restrictions is challenging, particularly for elderly people with chronic conditions. Often a protein supplement can improve health outcomes for older people at risk from muscle loss or malnutrition.

Protein is Comprised of Amino Acids
    Your body can make 'nonessential' amino acids from food but essential amino acids must come from your diet.  A complete protein contains adequate amounts of all essential amino acids.  
    Protein supplements are split into 2 categories; animal based (e.g. whey, casein, beef) and vegan (e.g. soy, rice, pea).  Choosing the right protein can be challenging because of the additives (both functional and filler) which often reduce health benefits or make them excessively sweet.  There are two reasons for additives:  most proteins are expensive; so, additives decrease costs; and most proteins (animal or vegan) taste bad. 

Vegan Plant Protein, Wheat Germ 
A new vegan plant protein, wheat germ protein is gaining in popularity. Wheat germ is packed with multiple nutrients to nourish new plants. A single ounce provides over 20% of your daily value of folate; thiamin; vitamin E; selenium; manganese; zinc and phosphorus. In addition to being a good source of fibre and complete protein, wheat germ is derived from whole food, thus no need for mechanical or chemical extraction.

With a slightly nutty taste, wheat germ protein does not need added flavours, sweeteners or additives, is low in calories and very versatile. You can sprinkle it over oatmeal, cereal, fruit, salad, or yogurt; add it to your milk, water or smoothie; or use it in cooking and baking. An added bonus; wheat germ protein has no fat, cholesterol, or sodium and is easy to digest.  

With our junk and fast food lifestyles, lack of adequate protein is common – especially in older people and further exacerbated by reduced appetite and physical activity.  Using a complete protein supplement will help conserve muscle, especially in combination with regular exercise.  Maintaining an active lifestyle and healthy eating is an investment in your future well-being and lifestyle enjoyment. It's never too late to start!

Claude Gallant has a PhD in microbiology and intrigued by the challenge of translating discoveries and knowledge into something beneficial for the public, Dr. Gallant joined the Global Botanical team. Currently Director of  Sciences, Dr. Gallant is also utilizing her research skills to investigate and develop new products, while working with other researchers to clinically investigate the quality, potency and efficacy of natural health products (NHPs). For more information about vegan plant proteins visit: www.purelenatural.com

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