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Vedic Astrology

By on March 5, 2013

Ayurvedic (Vedic) astrology comes from ancient India and is known as the “Science of Light” which brings light into your life. It is an interpretation of the energy of the planets and the magnetic and electrical fields they emit. Ayurvedic astrology is an analysis of the effect and influence of these energies on the lives of all living beings on earth. A person's astrological chart is a snap shot of the solar system and the heavens (stars) at the moment of birth. It is a unique and valuable map of who you are and what you will experience in your life.

Ayurvedic astrology helps you to understand why things are happening in your life and gives you tools to improve the areas of your life that are causing dissatisfaction.

"Vedic" is a shortened term and comes from the word Veda in Sanskrit, which means knowledge. Vedic knowledge embodies every area of human experience. Thus not only spiritual, but medical, political, technical, cultural and astrological areas of study are to be found in the Sanskrit Vedic writings. The Vedas are the oldest text in the world. Historical writings of the Vedas record an intellectually and spiritually advanced culture going back over 5,000 years. Astrology has been studied by some of the greatest scientists in history including Ptolemy, Newton, Einstein and Freud. Over a few thousand years many of the world’s leaders and great thinkers have consulted astrologers and still do today.

The three main branches of the Vedas are Yoga, Ayurvedic Medicine and Ayurvedic Astrology. All are directed toward achieving emotional and spiritual, physical wellness and the Astrological chart provides the directional guide to achieve this.

Vedic Astrology works in harmony with Ayurvedic medicine to heal the body, mind and spirit. The various forms of Yoga (way of life) in the Vedas are eating pure food, having pure thoughts and pure actions. A person’s chart shows weakness and strength in the body and mind and with this knowledge one can take preventative measures to perfect heath and prevent diseases that have not yet developed.

Vedic astrology is highly predictive and will give you an accurate analysis of your life. The purpose of Vedic Astrology is to help you see the path for your life. A consultation will give you insight into yourself and the events of your past, present and future.

A Vedic Astrological session will give you direction and understanding with all aspects of your life.  For example; career; what type of career is best suited for you and the timing of opportunities for advancement in your career. With marriage – the type of marriage partner, what personality traits they will have and when you will marry. Children – when and how many you will have and what their personality traits will be. Health – which areas of the body are susceptible to disease and the timing of such events that could come up without preventive action. Finances – when to invest and not to invest in stock market or real estate and what to do with your finances to gain. These are just a few of the areas that can be focused on.

Paramahansa Yogananda's Guru, a Vedic Astrologer named Swami Shi Yukteswar said, “I use astrology to understand the Laws of nature and the collective and individual trends of mankind. Astrology is a science and depends on the laws of nature to operate. This understanding gives the power to heal the issues plagued by mankind. Astrology was meant to give the secrets of the universe and that is the understanding of what self-realization is; which is to know oneself is to understand everything in the Universe. It is all within us.”

Vedic Astrology is an undeniably powerful tool that enables you to see your Karma and life events and to help you along the path to ultimately awakening to your true self, to become self-realized.

Carole Davis is an International Vedic Astrologer and spends the majority of her time in Vancouver and Vernon.


For an in person or phone consultation call: 1-888-406-9668 or 250-309-2736.

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