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Tips to Stay Green While on Travel

By on September 22, 2014

At home people are encouraged to adopt lifestyles that are in line with conservation ideals. This includes use of things such as energy saving bulbs, riding to work instead of driving, and using solar power. To make an even greater impact on the environment, it is advisable to also stay green when traveling.

1) Book a green hotel

To be sure of making a greater positive impact on the environment, make sure to stay in a green hotel. Take time to check for hotels that has different systems for recycling, energy conservation, and adoption of local materials. Here are some things that a green hotel should have; Solar water heating system to reduce reliance on fossil fuels Lovely architectural designs to allow natural lighting and air control instead of use of air conditioning systems. Check for a hotel with interior and exterior finishing done using locally sourced materials. Only book a hotel that uses and recycles cotton towels instead of disposable linens.

2) Avoid being a Bigfoot

Traveling in the wild can have a lot of repercussions to the immediate environment if one is not careful. Small animals that live on the ground can easily be killed when stepped over by visitors while soil gets compacted. You can advance conservation in the wild by; being quiet to avoid disrupting wild animals. Disturbances can disrupt breeding animals, migrating animal groups, and even predation. Follow recommended nature trails and avoid off-road driving even when you are tempted to many ecosystems especially on the beach, forests, grasslands, and shrub-lands are fragile and can easily be negatively affected by tramping with shoes. Only take photographs and nothing else from the wild. Picking flowers, animal parts such as bones and shells compromises natural geo-chemical cycles.

3) Use direct flights to cut on emissions

Traveling to many destinations has a number of connecting routes for clients to use While it may sound adventurous to stop in a number of airports, it results to use of more fuel and release of extra emissions into the atmosphere that contribute to global warming. It is therefore crucial for a client to take direct flights to the destination where possible.

4) Hire and use local guides

The local communities and populations are very critical in conservation. They are in constant connection with nature and are therefore full-time custodians. By hiring, buying their products, and encouraging them, you will be making a great effort towards leveraging their focus.

Check the areas you are going to visit and use local wilderness, mountain climbing, and hiking guides. You will also get fast hand information and great fun too. Buy supplies from local businesses to make sure they get profits and reduce their direct dependence on wildlife. Take time to learn about their culture and even participate in their local events. This will demonstrate that their work is appreciated always.

Author Bio:

Scott Archer is a professional content writer and blogger from the UK who shares his travel experiences. His hobbies include travelling, trekking and cooking and he is currently working on a project Esta which helps in visa assistance.

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