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The Triple Jump of Detoxification

By on June 3, 2019
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Feel a littler lighter and take your health a littler higher. Help the body’s detoxification systems gently purge toxins and aim for alkalinity. Take a leap towards better health with the “Triple jump of purification.”

Hard to get rid of weight, sleeping problems, tooth sensitivity and bone weakness can all be signs of high acidity in the body. What can you do?

Successful detoxification by itself or in combination with other therapies can be effective for improving the general health of almost everyone for the energy to be your best physically and mentally.

Beauty and Alkalinity
Beauty and health are alkaline because our blood is alkaline. Our blood unites the cells in our body into one. Permanently, blood and trillions of cells need to be supplied with oxygen and nutrients. Our complete organism must be cleansed of carbon dioxide and other, mostly acidic, metabolic end products via the blood. Only in the alkaline, very narrow pH range of 7.35 to 7.45 our blood works optimally. A lower pH-level can lead to vein occlusion, heart attack and stroke and other lifestyle diseases. To keep this life-critical pH within its narrow limits, the blood has developed various buffer systems. These systems do continuously ensure that the blood pH is maintained. In addition, the organism has various excretory organs such as kidneys, intestines and lungs. Also, our body detoxes via skin and mucous membranes to a certain extent.

Acidity on the Rise
Within just a few decades, we have drifted away from nature, our traditional diets and more active lifestyles. The result – acid excesses. Today, we consume too much animal protein, too many processed fats, too many finished products with additives, too much salt and sugar, too many white flour products, etc.

Also, we do not physically move as much as in past centuries. Stress is a permanent burden. Our buffer systems and excretory organs are overwhelmed with a flood of acids and toxins. At the same time, our body lacks an abundance of real vital substances in today’s diet, e.g. with organic vegetables, salads, sprouts and fruits. At the same time, nutrition is the only way to supply regenerative nutrients to ourselves.

Toxic Deposits
Acids and toxins, which cannot be excreted via kidneys, intestines, lungs or through the skin and mucous membranes may need support for neutralization. Since the body has limited capacities, acids and toxins, bound to water and fat, are simply deposited. This manifests usually for women as the beginning of cellulite and weight gain and for men as the classic “beer belly.”

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Triple Jump of Detoxification
Cleanse your body with the “triple jump of detoxification.” A lot of modern day diseases can only exist because our body has no other option than to deposit these non-excretable toxic deposits. Purification means the removal of these toxic deposits from the skin and mucous membranes, cells, tissues, glands, joints and other organs of the body.

For our metabolism, this purification takes place in three steps:

1 ) Dissolution of the deposits into its components by a highly efficient herbal tea.

2 ) Neutralization – metabolism and safe removal of dissolved acids and poisons by means of an omnimolecular food.

3) Excretion – via the skin and mucous membranes through alkaline body care.

In order to promote health and beauty, and for peak performance mentally, as well as physically, it is of central importance to pay attention to acid-alkaline balance.

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Jentschura’s AlkalineCure®
Jentschura has designed a holistic product program to help achieve an acid-alkaline balance, which purifies and deacidifies. Jentschura’s AlkalineCure® consists of the soothing, cleansing 7×7®AlkaHerb Tea, the omnimolecular 100-plant organic super food WurzelKraft® and the natural cosmetic product AlkaBath®, the basic mineral body care salt with a pH value of 8.5, which is a fountain of youth. For more information visit: www.p-jentschura.ca

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For more than 25 years, Dr. h.c. Peter Jentschura has led scientific research in the areas of body chemistry, internal cleansing, and purification. The Founder and CEO of the Jentschura International GmbH in Muenster, Germany, Dr Jentschura is trained as a chemist, is an entrepreneur, health-pioneer, successful author, as well as the creator of a cutting-edge, highly effective purification program. Dr. Jentschura shares the keys to purifying our bodies and boosting our overall health and vitality.