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The Health Benefits of Coconut Water

By on October 24, 2013
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We’ve heard it time and time again, staying hydrated is important. The body is made up mostly of water. Without enough of it, we can’t expect to function properly. Even things we usually take for granted– bowel movements, for example– can’t be done if the body is deprived of water. The problem is that many people aren’t drinking enough water because they find that its tastelessness lacks appeal. For those who need a beverage with taste, coconut water may be the perfect solution.

Coconut water is the clear liquid found in the centre of young, green coconuts. Unlike plain water, organic coconut water has a mildly sweet taste with a hint of coconut flavour. You could call it an upgrade from plain water because it naturally contains electrolytes and nutrients. On top of all that, it’s low in calories, fat-free, and cholesterol free. For those of us who don’t live in the tropics, brands like Vita Coco have packaged the organic beverage to give North Americans access to the super-drink.

Coconut water is also a great source of potassium. Potassium is important because it helps with nerve function, muscle control, and the regulation of electrolytes and blood pressure. Did you know that coconut water actually contains more potassium than a banana? Its abundance of potassium makes it a great post-workout beverage since low potassium can cause muscle cramps. Drink some coconut water after your workout to help care for those muscles!

If you’re looking for a healthy, yet tasty alternative to pop and sports drinks, coconut water could do the trick. Because it is all-natural, it’s free of high fructose corn syrup, added dyes, and artificial flavours. When it comes to replenishing the body, coconut water is a smarter choice since it lacks unnatural additives that suppress the immune system. However, when buying your coconut water, pay close attention to the label. Be mindful of brands with added sugar since drinking those in large amounts will defeat the purpose of opting for coconut water over anything else– the calories will quickly add up.

Not only is organic coconut water lower in calories than other sugary drinks, but it may also help decrease your overall calorie intake. We sometimes mistake the body’s signs of thirst for signs of hunger. As a result, we consume more calories than necessary in order to satisfy our cravings because initially, we can’t pinpoint exactly what our bodies need. By using organic coconut water to stay hydrated, we can stay fuller for longer with a nutrient-packed, low-calorie drink and respond to genuine signs of hunger with appropriate fuel.

Not liking the taste of plain water is no excuse for being dehydrated. However, flavoured water is not always the best choice since it often contains additives like aspartame and artificial colouring. Organic coconut water  nourishes the body while offering natural sweetness and flavour. Whether you’ve just completed a rigorous workout or you’re simply looking for something to quench your thirst, coconut water is a tasty all-natural option.

Laura A. Collins is a life-long athlete with a background in media studies and communications. As a health & wellness communications professional, Laura loves to combine her passions for fitness and writing. She also has experience in technology, beauty, lifestyle, sports and travel communications.


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