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The Effects of an Old Mattress on Your Health

By on October 24, 2018

A comfortable night’s sleep is an important consideration for your health. It will not only help you to lose weight but avoid chronic pain and flue. Lack of sleep creates a weakened hormone system, increase your stress and decrease your lifespan. A good mattress can directly affect your sleeping habits and your sleeping habits have a direct effect on your emotional, physical and mental health.

Your old mattress is exposed to many bugs, so it is essential to change a mattress after a particular time. You can visit an online store like https://www.bodymouldmattresses.co.uk/memory-foam-mattresses/  to choose a comfortable bed. See the effects of an old mattress on your health.

Allergies with Dust Mites

In the old mattress, dust mites can trigger allergies. These are common even in a clean house. Mattresses are their primary target, and you can’t remove them even with a vacuum cleaner. Dust mites like a humid and warm environment, such as mattresses and bedding.

An average bed can have more than 10,000 dust mites. Symptoms of these allergies may include nasal congestion, sneezing, itchy skin, nasal drip, and persistent cough, itchy and red eyes. You can eliminate these allergies by purchasing a new mattress and regularly washing your bedding. Clean bedding becomes a sound barrier between your body and mattress.

Neck Pain and Bad Back

After a mattress becomes old, it may cause neck pain, stiff back, and other problems. With the passage of time, a mattress loses its firmness for a night sleep. It may not provide sufficient support to your body and cause poor posture. Poor posture leads you to strain muscle and back pain.

Firmness in a mattress is essential to provide support to your body structure. If you have an extremely firm mattress, it can affect the quality of your sleep.

Fungus and Mold Infections

Fungus and molds in your bed sound nasty, but unfortunately, your mattress harbors many strains of mildew and mold. This problem is common in humid bedrooms with insufficient ventilation.

Several fungiform spores of your mattress can be released in the air while you turn and toss at night. The buildup of these spores increase in your environment, and you have to breathe in this air. This air will cause respiratory problems and lungs infections.

Sleep Deprivation

Waking up tired and struggling to focus on work during a day? Your old mattress can be responsible for disrupted sleep. If you are struggling to sleep because of an uncomfortable mattress, you will bear its consequences for the whole day. Disrupt sleep can increase different health problems and decrease the quality of your life.

Joint Soreness

Sleeping on an excessively firm mattress can be the reason of sore joints. A firm mattress can be a good choice for your posture and back than a sagging mattress. This mattress can put pressure on your arms, shoulders, and tailbone while you turn and toss in the night.

If you are struggling on a mattress to find a comfortable position, it means you have to change your mattress. It can increase your health problems.





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