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The Anticancer Lifestyle Program Awarded Nutrition Accreditation

By on November 13, 2020
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The Anticancer Lifestyle Program (ACLP) has been welcomed as an approved Continuing Education provider for the Canadian Association for Integrative Nutrition (CAIN) and The Health Coach Alliance. This accreditation will enable more holistic nutritionists and health coaches to understand the science behind the importance of healthy lifestyle choices in reducing cancer risk, and give them useful tools when working with clients.  

The evidence-based lifestyle changes taught in the ACLP online course have been shown to reduce inflammation and improve the body’s natural defenses against cancer and other chronic illnesses including heart disease and diabetes. The curriculum includes modules on mindset, diet, fitness, and environment, as well as guidance on sustaining new lifestyle habits. 

Meg Hirshberg, the co-founder of the ACLP, was inspired to create the course when, as 45-year-old mom of three, she was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer. Meg teamed up with experts at her local cancer center to create a 12-week in-person course, which has been taught at the cancer center since 2011.  Meg’s team then converted the course to an online format, which launched in October, 2019. 

The ACLP is now offered online for free and accepts in-kind donations. ACLP is trusted by medical professionals who often refer cancer survivors and their families to enroll in the comprehensive lifestyle transformation program to reduce their risk of disease or of recurrence. The program also offers webinars, learning circles, newsletters, and blogs, to help participants create and maintain their Anticancer lifestyle.

By accrediting the program, CAIN and The Health Coach Alliance will join the growing number of health care professionals who have put their trust in the ACLP to provide sound, scientific information to cancer survivors and those who aim to improve their overall health.

CAIN sets the standard for verified and credible nutritionists and requires its members to have at least 1000 hours of training. Members are also required to complete 35 continuing education credits per year. The Health Coach Alliance is a sister-company of CAIN, also setting the standard for verified and credible health coaches and requiring continuing education of its members. 

CAIN and Health Coach Alliance members who choose to enroll in the ACLP will complete the five course modules and take a quiz to receive their continuing education credit. The Introductory module explores the concept of change, why change is difficult, and offers strategies to overcome the barriers to change. The Mindset module is taught by a mindfulness instructor who explains how to establish a mindset conducive to transformational lifestyle changes and to stress reduction.

The Diet module is guided by a registered dietitian with fifteen years of experience helping cancer survivors adopt diets that sustain health, lower inflammation, and support the immune system. The Fitness module is taught by a registered nurse and Certified Exercise Physiologist who explains the importance of different kinds of movement, and how to create a clear, actionable plan to incorporate movement into daily life. In the Environment module, CAIN and Health Coach Alliance members will learn from a green living expert about toxins found in common household items such as cleaners and cosmetics. 

For more information or to sign up for the course, please visit: https://anticancerlifestyle.org/