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The High Protein, Nut Free Dilema

By on March 25, 2016
Screen Shot 2016 03 24 at 6.02.07 PM - The High Protein, Nut Free Dilema

The attraction of nutrition bars as a quick and convenient way to provide your body with good sources of protein, carbs and other macronutrients has made this one of the fastest growing categories in the food industry. In fact, 2013 reported sales were 2.2 billion dollars and analysts expect it to steadily increase right through to 2018.  

Much of the growth can be attributed to active individuals of all ages looking for a convenient source of protein to tide them over between workouts and meals.  This increase in demand has flooded the market with literally thousands of nutrition bars.  The abundance of options is a good thing as everyone’s criteria for the ideal protein bar varies drastically from one individual to the next.  For example, there are high protein low carb bars, high protein moderate carb bars, meal replacement bars, workout / energy bars and these are  just a few of the categories available.  To complicate matters even further you can refine your search criteria within these categories to find bars that are all-natural, organic, gluten-free or vegan.  The list is extensive.

However, what if you or a family member has a nut allergy?  Or, what if your child’s school or your workplace has policies in place restricting nuts due to individuals that are anaphylactic?  With thousands of bars available on the market a simple internet search for “nut free high protein bars” surely will provide several options to choose from?  If you have tried this before, then you were most likely as surprised as I was with the results.  There is a huge void for nut free, high protein low carb bars and even high protein moderate carb bars.
There are options available that are moderate protein and high in carbs, but for those trying to avoid carbs or trying to keep their blood sugar balanced throughout the day, these options are not desirable.  

Luckily, a new protein bar is available in Canada that is not only nut free and high in protein, but also, all natural, gluten free, and high in fibre.  Best of all, the main carbohydrate source is gluten-free rolled oats, a complex carb that is great for helping replenish glycogen levels, is a high source of fibre and is considered heart healthy as well.   

When first reading the packaging, I thought the bar was just called Protein Bar.  I thought, it’s kind of boring, but it works and it’s to the point.  Then after reading it again, I saw the bar was actually called, PrOATein Bar, with “OAT” in capital letters. Very clever I thought as it pretty much sums up the bar’s two main and most important ingredients, protein and oats.  However, I wasn’t sold on the bar yet as many high protein bars use sugar alcohols or sweeteners to make them taste better and also use sources of fibre that have come under scrutiny from several nutrition experts in the industry.  After thoroughly reviewing the ingredients I concluded the bar is actually better than I expected.  

In addition to all the great attributes mentioned above, it is also: 
✔ Manufactured in a nut free facility
✔  Only 9 g of sugar (all from natural sources)
✔ High in fibre (10 g all from natural sources)
✔ Free of artificial colours, sweeteners or 
✔ Less than 50 mg of sodium per bart

To learn more about PrOATein bar and where you can buy it please visit: www.proateinbar.com
Enter to win 1 of 3 PrOATein bars.

Screen Shot 2016 03 24 at 6.02.07 PM - The High Protein, Nut Free Dilema

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