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We appreciate our clients and sincerely hope to help them build partnerships with health food stores, to educate and inspire consumers about using natural health products and services to create business growth.

"Our advertising in Healthy Directions gets results! While attending trade shows and consumer events we often ask how a retailer or consumer heard of us or one of our products and very often we hear "I saw you in Healthy Directions." Their CPM rate is the lowest of all magazines – we advertise regularly in nearly 50 publications nationally – yet it brings us our highest ROI. If you are conducting business in the natural health trade in Ontario and/or Alberta I would highly recommend Healthy Directions as an advertising vehicle to get your product or service in front of consumers."

– Rob Shaw, Director of Marketing , Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals Inc. Toronto, ON

"PBI had been advertising with Healthy Directions since 2008 to present.  When the company PBI first started it was unknown to the general public but by the end of the 4th month in the magazine, the amount of phone calls and inquiries we were getting from across Ontario about our ad in Healthy Directionswas tremendous. I must say with all sincerity, advertising inHealthy Directions has helped promote brand recognition and has generated product interest and sales. Thanks to Healthy Directions and their team for doing such a marvelous job."

– Michael Faustin, Sales & Marketing/Business Director, Professional Botanicals Inc. (PBI)

"CLM Health Group Inc. has been working with Healthy Directions for almost 10 years and have always been our first choice for advertising. We consistently see success when introducing new product lines and increasing awareness. I think the magazine works so well because it has excellent distribution and is well planned and laid out. The size of the magazine allows readers have the opportunity to go through the magazine page by page and are they able to take in all the content it has to offer. In addition to these factors, Jon and Charleen are excellent to work with. I highly recommend Healthy Directions.

– Kate Maguire, President CLM Health Group Inc.

"Healthy Directions is a magazine for everyone who wants to stay informed about natural health products. The health tips and articles within are always highly relevant. Sources are transmitted clearly and it's always easy to know who gives out the information. The magazine is a pleasant read with a very nice layout. A must have!"

– Sandrine Briatte, M. Sc. / Scientific Director / Virage Santé

"Alternative therapies make this magazine the "go-to" magazine not only for myself but many others as well. Truly inspirational! From the words of my patients, your magazine has become very popular and will contiue to land in the hands of more and more people as the articles are absolutely relatable to the every day reader. The informative nature of your magazine has done wonders educating many people about healthy alternatives. I would like to thank you incredibly for the flow of knowledgable patients I have recieved that are avid readers of this magazine. Charleen and Jon, it is evident that you enjoy what you do. Your warm and inviting approach to the business aspect of this magazine has made me feel welcome and it has been my greatest pleasure writing for you. To watch Healthy Directions blossom the way it has over the past several years, makes me that much more proud to be a loyal author in your magazine."

– Raisa Weisspapir, Homeopath, M.D. (Europe) REg. Member of HMCC