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  • Five Steps to a Healthier You: Healthy Hygiene

    To celebrate Natural Health Products (NHP) Week, the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) is launching a free, five-part guide aimed at helping Canadian families make informed decisions about natural health. The Canadian Family’s Guide to Navigating Natural Health, was...

    • Posted November 6, 2013
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  • Screen shot 2013 06 11 at 2.05.40 PM 120x134 - Natural Treatments for Healthy Skin
    Natural Treatments for Healthy Skin

    Are you looking to achieve healthy, glowing and blemish free skin just in time for the summer season? Naturopathic medicine offers more than just topical treatments when it comes to skin health.  Using a holistic perspective, naturopathic...

    • Posted June 28, 2013
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  • Screen shot 2013 03 28 at 2.51.38 PM 120x134 - GLA for Beautiful Skin
    GLA for Beautiful Skin

    According to New York University researchers you have about seven seconds to make an impression on someone and your skin is a big part of what people think about us. Beautiful, glowing skin tells people you are...

    • Posted April 26, 2013
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  • Screen shot 2013 04 02 at 3.09.29 PM 120x134 - Rejuvenate with Hyaluronic Acid
    Rejuvenate with Hyaluronic Acid

    Hyaluronic acid (HA or hyaluronate) is a molecule with some important bodily responsibilities. It comprises significant portions of connective tissues and fluids, such as the synovial fluid in knee joints and vitreous fluid in the eyes. It...

    • Posted March 30, 2013
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  • Screen shot 2013 03 21 at 3.06.08 PM 120x134 - Feed Your Skin For NATURAL BEAUTY
    Feed Your Skin For NATURAL BEAUTY

    It’s true – you are what you eat. The foods you eat are the only resource your skin has to help it fight signs of disease and aging. The entire body needs nutrients in order to work...

    • Posted March 21, 2013
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