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  • Screen shot 2013 11 16 at 10.37.43 PM 120x134 - Up Your Game, Back to Basics
    Up Your Game, Back to Basics

          Our imaginations are easily captured by tales of foods that fueled the Aztec empire or drove Incan warriors to feats of untold strength and courage. However, there is one seemingly simple food that has...

    • Posted November 16, 2013
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  • Screen shot 2013 03 28 at 2.52.24 PM 120x134 - Take Part in Natural Health Products Week
    Take Part in Natural Health Products Week

    Canadians across the country will be celebrating Natural Health Products Week this week from November 4 to 10, 2013.   This annual tradition shines a spotlight on the importance of natural health products and is a great opportunity...

    • Posted November 3, 2013
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  • Screen shot 2013 10 06 at 2.15.24 PM 120x134 - 3 Belly Fat Busters
    3 Belly Fat Busters

        If there is one thing that is the bane of a good figure and vibrant health, it is belly fat. I am talking about that stubborn extra roll around the middle that does not seem to...

    • Posted October 31, 2013
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  • Screen shot 2013 03 21 at 3.04.46 PM 120x134 - Garlic, the Mighty Bulb
    Garlic, the Mighty Bulb

    A single clove of garlic is a powerhouse of more than 200 known chemical compounds, including many health-bestowing antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and sulphurous compounds. It is an excellent source of potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, selenium...

    • Posted October 28, 2013
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