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  • Image for Healthy Directions article 120x134 - Learn to Cook Healthy & Holistic Food
    Learn to Cook Healthy & Holistic Food

    Holistic Culinary Program now offered by CSNN Toronto East Branch During these uncertain times, health and what that means has been a primary concern for many Canadians. The current pandemic has forced people to reflect on health...

    • Posted August 31, 2020
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  • BirthdayCrepeCake 003 120x134 - Birthday Crepe Cake
    Birthday Crepe Cake

    Add a little Flourish to your next birthday with this colourful birthday crepe cake. Enjoy these specialty crepes for a limited time only as Canadian company Flourish celebrates their 2nd birthday. “Whether you’re going for the classic...

    • Posted July 16, 2020
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  • chickenshawarma 120x134 - 3 Trendy Summer Salads with Protein
    3 Trendy Summer Salads with Protein

    Love greens but need that protein hit? These on trend options from WHOLE30 Slow Cooker are on the mark for Canada’s new food guidelines. Chicken Shawarma Salad SERVES 4. PREP: 45 minutes MARINATE: 1 hour SLOW COOK: 6...

    • Posted May 26, 2020
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  • AdobeStock 225193597 120x134 - 5 Causes of Chronic Inflammation and How to Prevent Them
    5 Causes of Chronic Inflammation and How to Prevent Them

    Inflammation occurs when the immune system identifies and removes a foreign or harmful stimulus from the body (Pahwa et al., 2020). When inflammation occurs consistently over a long period of time, known as “chronic inflammation,” the immune...

    • Posted May 24, 2020
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  • Screen Shot 2020 05 01 at 11.51.03 AM 120x134 - Be UTI-free with Utiva
    Be UTI-free with Utiva

    A New Way to prevent UTIs…naturally. The all too familiar urinary tract infection has a new adversary who aids in detection and prevention called Utiva. Half of all women will get a urinary tract infection (UTI) at...

    • Posted May 1, 2020
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  • Screen shot 2013 04 14 at 4.32.19 PM 120x134 - The Easy Way to Grow Your Own Food
    The Easy Way to Grow Your Own Food

    Try the no-till, easy way to start gardening. As we explore our options to eating a healthier and more nutritious diet, some of us have noticed a co-relation between the high distances that food has traveled to our...

    • Posted April 3, 2020
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  • Screen shot 2014 02 20 at 12.51.25 PM 120x134 - Grow Your Own Tomatoes
    Grow Your Own Tomatoes

    Despite the perception of tomatoes as Mediterranean or a warm-climate crop, and Canada’s reputation as crisp and cold, it is perfectly possible to successfully grow your own juicy tomatoes during the Canadian summer.   The growing season...

    • Posted April 2, 2020
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  • Screen Shot 2018 04 14 at 3.25.08 PM 120x134 - Fresh Herbs for the Spring
    Fresh Herbs for the Spring

    Looking to spice up your life? Why not start in the kitchen? Herbs and spices are a great way to make your meals tasty. More importantly, they provide our bodies with added nutrients and health boosting benefits....

    • Posted March 28, 2020
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  • Screen shot 2013 04 01 at 2.40.15 PM 120x134 - How to Grow Sprouts
    How to Grow Sprouts

    Raw food is nature’s way to better health and a longer life. Culturally as human beings our evolution of food and its preparation is alarmingly opposed to our genetic makeup. Our inherent nature is to be predominately...

    • Posted March 27, 2020
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  • Screen Shot 2019 05 07 at 2.36.05 PM 120x134 - Top 5 Spring Superfoods
    Top 5 Spring Superfoods

    Spring is officially here and I couldn’t be more excited. There is something so magical about this season. It’s a time of growth, freshness and more sunshine! Today, I am sharing my top 5 superfoods for spring!...

    • Posted March 27, 2020
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