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Stopping Ticks in Their Tracks

By on June 10, 2019
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Tick season’s about to begin. The highest risk of Lyme Disease in Canada is late spring and early summer. Carriers like deer ticks about the size of a pin head can be difficult to see. Prevent getting ticks from becoming embedded on the body or on pets.

Reduce Risks
Make your yard a tick-free zone. Mowing the lawn regularily keeps tick habitat away from the home.

When hiking or camping stay on marked trails and avoid tall grasses and brush. Wear long sleeves and tuck long pants into socks and shoes. Wear a natural deterrent.

Lyme disease risk increases the longer a tick is attached. Do a tick check after being outdoors on you and your pet and in your next shower. If you find one, remove gently with tweezers. Keep in a plastic bag and take to your pet’s veterinarian or your family doctor to discuss.

Ticks Crawling Deeper into Canada
Lyme disease is the most common reported vector-borne disease in North America, and has been endemic in Canada since the early 1980s. Ticks carrying lyme disease have been found in: British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.

In Canada the number of lyme disease cases reported by all provinces increased almost 10 fold between 2009 and 2016. More recent literature has shown that lyme may also be carried by mosquitoes, spiders, stinging flies, mites and fleas.

Furthermore, a variety of co-infections which can disable the immune system often appear alongside lyme disease and these include: borrelia, bartonella, herpes virus family, babesia, mycoplasma, Coxsakie’s virus, ehrlichia and cyto megala virus (CMV).

Allicin as a Deterrent and Aid
Allimax capsules and Allimax gel, which both contain stabilized allicin are ideal in both preventing bites and stings in the first place as many insects detect the characteristic smell of allicin on a person’s skin, even though your partner will never notice!

When taken internally, research has shown some chronic lyme patients who use Allimax as an anti-infective support have removed lyme in just over eight weeks (Garlic Centre Study, UK).

Darkfield microscopy revealed patients enrolled in this currently unpublished study all had erythrocyte aggregation and red blood cells (RBCs) clumped together, as well as fibrin congestion in the circulatory system. This indicates an overload of microbial infection. Many of their white blood cells were immobile or non viable, which shows an immune system unable to cope.

Using stabilized allicin as the antimicrobial, at the end of the study the majority of the patient’s RBC’s were negatively charged (not clumping) while white blood cells were phagocytic/viable and showed very little or no fibrin. When the RBC’s were crushed the intercellular lyme bacteria spirochetal form and cystic form were greatly reduced. But, perhaps more importantly the patients felt they had improved significantly.

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Fewer Bacteria Hands Down
A huge amount of anecdotal evidence also suggests that applying a thin layer of Allimax gel to any exposed skin surfaces protects the user from being bitten or invaded by pernicious bacteria. This is shown by the plate pictures below indicating how easy it is to keep, bug free just by applying one coat of Allimax gel!

The first photo on the left shows a volunteer’s hands after washing with soap and water. You can see on this petri dish that both hands are still overloaded with bacterial species that could easily be passed on to other people. We then covered one hand with Allimax gel and retested four hours later.

In the second photo on the right you can clearly see that the hand on which the gel was applied is pretty much free from bacterial contamination but the untreated hand is still overloaded with bacteria. Best not to shake his hand!

So, a simple extract from garlic stabilized to release allicin as the antimicrobial agent may help both prevent and treat infectious organisms, safely and without side effects. Allimax may offer help to remove all manner of infectious pathogens that often cannot be treated with pharmaceutical medications.

Peter Josling is the Director of the Herbal Research Centre in the United Kingdom. Dr. Peter Josling, nicknamed “The Garlic King” has authored books on the subject of the healing power of stabilized allicin from garlic. In 1997, Josling also formed a specialty chemicals division to provide key garlic components including alliin, allicin, and ajoene for research and product formulation. He led a team of chemists and chemical engineers in the invention, development and manufacturing of the world’s first commercially available, stabilized and patented allicin. Visit allimax.ca.

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