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Spring Clean Your Diet

By and on April 1, 2013
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(NC)—Registered dietitian, Lisa Rutledge, urges everyone to say good-bye to the heavy fall and winter fare and to follow the “spring cleaning” mindset for cleaning up your diet:

Reduce your meal sizeIt is true that during a long (and cold) winter in Canada many of us ease the blues with a few comfort foods. "We tend to put on weight during the winter from eating calorie dense foods,” explains Rutledge. “As the weather warms up, get outdoors, enjoy the weather, hit the gym and keep your metabolism revved by eating smaller meals more often. Combined, you will feel far more energetic.”

Eat the colours of the rainbowWith warmer weather comes a new crop of spring fruits and vegetables – and one of the best ways to spring clean your diet is to add colourful produce to your meals. Choose from every colour of the rainbow like fresh or frozen blueberries, purple eggplants and leafy greens to up your intake of essential vitamins and fibre.

Enjoy your favourite snacks

People often want to shed weight in the spring to look and feel good for bikini season. The good news is eating better does not have to mean feeling deprived. Those who find ways to incorporate the things they love into their diet are more likely to achieve their long-term weight loss goals. It's all about portion sizes and planning ahead. For example, if you are a soda pop fan, Rutledge suggests mini cans of Coke which have 100 calories or fewer per serving. Craving a burger? Consider keeping calories in check by having a slider, skipping the cheese and then loading it with your favourite vegetable toppings, like lettuce, onions and tomato.

Get motivated to exerciseSpring-cleaning your diet will not only improve your health, but will also give you more energy and help you sleep better. One of the best ways to take advantage of that new-found energy is to get active outdoors. After all, what better motivation is there to make healthy exercise choices than looking and feeling good under the summer sun?

More ways to make healthy changes to your life can be found online at www.debunkingdietitian.com.


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