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Small Changes to Eat Healthier and Feel Your Best

By on February 29, 2016
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Do you think you need a detox diet or have to completely revamp your eating habits to get healthier? You don’t… and extreme dieting can do more harm than good. Going all-or-nothing with your eating sets you up for failure and can put you on a vicious cycle of going on a restrictive diet, not being able to stick with it, and then beating yourself about it. What if you could be kind to yourself and also see results with just small, sustainable changes?

March is Nutrition Month, and dietitians across Canada are sharing their expert nutrition advice on small changes you can make to eat healthier and look and feel your best. Pick a change you’d like to make to improve your eating habits and commit to it for the next 100 meals.

Why 100 meals? Canadians consume almost 100 meals every month. Throughout March, Dietitians of Canada be sharing tips and ideas to help Canadians make small changes to their meals and advice on how to make those healthy changes stick. Come join us on a 100 Meal Journey by making small changes, one meal at a time.

Pick a small change you can make and stick to this month, and you’ll be more likely to continue with it over the long-term. Even better, you’ll build your confidence, and with that forward momentum, be even more inspired to make small changes for lasting results.

What will your healthy eating change be for the next 100 meals?

You might pledge to make vegetables and fruit half your plate at each meal. Or you could pay closer attention to portion sizes by putting bags of snack foods into smaller portion-sized containers and eating from smaller plates.

My 100 Meal Journey is to eat mindfully for the month of March. It’s not going to be easy: lunch is often eaten in front of the computer. I took a pledge to turn off all distractions during my meals and to take the time to taste and enjoy my food. How can this action benefit your health? Research suggests mindful eating can help you be more aware of your hunger and fullness and help you achieve and maintain a healthier weight.

Whatever change you decide on, pledge to take a 100 Meal Journey at www.NutritionMonth2016.ca. Research shows that when people set a goal and share it with others, they're more likely to stick to it.

Why is improving your nutrition so important?

Half of Canadians over the age of 20 live with a chronic disease like diabetes or heart disease and 4 out of 5 are at risk, with diet and lifestyle being major factors. If everyone were to pick one small change and stick to it over the next 100 meals, we'd be off to a great start in reducing these numbers.

You might be surprised to hear that a recent survey revealed that there was a 35% drop between 2013 – 2015 in the number of people who said they've made a positive change to improve their eating habits. Let’s make 2016 different and reverse this trend. It’s time that each of us make an effort to eat healthier so we can enjoy life to the fullest!

Tools for success

To help you on your 100 Meal Journey, Dietitians of Canada has three amazing apps to help you succeed. They’re all free to download for Apple and Android. Don’t have a smartphone or tablet? You can use the first two apps on the websites!

1.    EaTracker


This awesome app and site help you track what you're eating and your exercise to help you meet your goals. You can also use it to analyze recipes and plan your meals in advance, which can help you eat better. Other eating tracker apps don’t always have accurate information, but you can trust EaTracker has all Canadian data that you can rely on to make healthier choices.

2.    Cookspiration


Looking for some inspiration to create delicious and healthy meals over your 100 Meal Journey? Try the Cookspiration app or website and get free access to hundreds of dietitian-approved recipes. Find recipes based on your mood and to suit everyone’s tastes, from kids to party guests. Cooking at home more often will help you eat more vegetables and fibre and fewer calories, fat and salt. Plus food tastes better when you made it yourself!

3.    EaTipster


Get the EaTipster app for helpful hints that will help you reach your goals. Get a new healthy eating tip every day during Nutrition Month and beyond… 365 days a year!

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