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3 Natural Approaches for ADD / ADHD Support

By on October 6, 2018
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Aid ADHD the natural way with these three treatments. Optimize your childrens’ performance mentally, physically and emotionally.

According to the (CDC), Center for Disease Control, cases of ADHD are up by 42% since the last decade. Recent studies point to this troubling fact, causing parents everywhere to seek help for their children. The reality is that children in our modern age struggle with the inability to focus and concentrate in class and this is having a negative impact on their academic performance. The great news is that there are highly effective natural remedies for treating ADD and ADHD for both children and adults. Tackle all three facets of ADD/ ADHD using a natural, gentle, and extremely effective approach, minus the side effects.

We know from clinical research that ADHD is a medical disorder in which environmental, nutritional, neurological and genetic factors play a role. An imbalance in the brain causes unbalanced behavior. Each person with ADHD child, adolescent, or adult —exhibits a unique pattern of deficiencies and excesses that imbalance the brain. Often noticed are difficulty concentrating, impulsiveness and a display of excessive energy. And so addressing these deficiencies and excesses, by adding what is needed and subtracting what isn’t, is the key to treating ADHD. And although each child is a unique individual there are three “additions” that will help to support just about anyone to improve their ability to focus, concentrate and pay attention. Eliminating dangerous trigger foods in these children’s diets is also crucial, as well as incorporating brain boosting foods into the diet.

One of the most common deficiencies found in children and adults with ADD is a deficiency in DHA. DHA nourishes the brain and contributes to memory, focus and concentration. DHA helps to transport glucose (the brain’s fuel) to the brain. When the body reduces its DHA production, the pump that directs glucose to the brain diminishes its production, resulting in disturbances. Today numerous medical studies show the importance of supplements containing high concentrations of DHA to reduce cerebral degeneration and optimize brain efficiency.

Our Neuromega Junior: helps on a mental level to improve learning, memory and attention. Just 1 teaspoon contains 3000 mg. of DHA – one of the highest concentrations of DHA on the market. It helps to support cognitive health and brain function and provides a healthy source of omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Our Pro ADD: helps on a physical and mental level as it helps to reduce physical and mental stress. It improves cognitive function and memory and reduces mental fatigue and stress which often accompany ADD.

Our ADD Plex: helps on an emotional level as it works on helping children who experience a lack of effort, difficulty understanding, moody disposition and contradictory moods, periods of apathy, intellectual excitement, poor academic performance and aggression. It is important to include dietary and lifestyle improvements in order to find the most effective way to treat and manage your symptoms of ADD/ ADHD. Always apply a comprehensive and holistic approach.


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Screen Shot 2018 10 06 at 3.07.47 PM - 3 Natural Approaches for ADD / ADHD Support

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