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Sharpen the Mind

By on December 1, 2019
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Get your brain power on with DHA.

How can you increase your ability to concentrate, improve your cognitive function and memory, alleviate nervousness, agitation and irritability, and improve mental fatigue, heightened emotions and stabilize mood?

DHA, a type of omega-3 has many known benefits DHA is a crucial element because it is part of the eyes and brain structure. DHA is vital for humans starting from pregnancy and breast feeding, to kids, teenagers, adults and the elderly.

Research and clinical studies show that DHA can be used to target many health issues and supply the super-nutrient essential fatty acids for the eyes and brain regardless of age. In the first five years of a child’s life, the brain increases almost four times its size and the DHA concentration in the brain quadruples!

DHA supplementation results in 50% improvement for memory recall and learning in healthy adults. A DHA deficiency markedly affects neurotransmission, enzyme and ion channel activities, gene expression, inflammation, immunity and synaptic plasticity.1 DHA enhances signal transduction processes associated with behavioral deficits, learning activities, peroxisomal disorders, and psychotic changes in schizophrenia, depression, hyperactivity, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease.

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Here are a few other studies on DHA:
• DHA deficiency is associated with normal aging, hyperactivity, learning activity, depression, stroke and Alzheimer disease.
• DHA has a neuroprotector effect in the case of an ischemic attack.
• DHA makes it possible to prevent cardiovascular diseases.
• Before 33 weeks of pregnancy the fatty-acid levels are not sufficiently developed in premature births and could possibly lead to intellectual disorders.
• The consumption of DHA in children allows for a higher rate of intellectual and language development .
• DHA has a favorable effect on visual function and neuro development in newborns.
• DHA is well recognized for development of the eyes and the brain.

The limited amount of DHA derived from dietary sources makes the therapeutic aspect difficult to achieve without the concentrated intake of a DHA-rich source of omega-3.

Restore and maintain neuroplasticity with Neuromega orange with no after taste from Alterra by Herbasanté. Neuromega is the most potent concentration of DHA (2750 mg) per teaspoon in Canada.

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