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Regrow Telomeres to Live to Be 200?

By on March 13, 2013
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Live to be 200 years old? Impossible you say! Did you know, that thousands of scientists, doctors, movie stars, athletes, politicians and wealthy business people are taking a rare extract of an age-old chinese herb and they are betting it will allow them to live to be 200 years-old and beyond. So, what do they know that we don’t?

In Dec 2010, Ronald De Pinho a researcher at Harvard gave aged mice (the equivalent of 80 human years) a natural substance and within a month those same aged, and on their last legs, mice were running around like 40 year-olds. They had put on muscle, grew back hair and were starting to reproduce.

In the August edition of Elle Magazine, the headline on one of its featured articles reads, “Wanna Live to Be 200?” And in the same month, Popular Science magazine writes about an anti-aging scientist, Bill Andrews, Ph.D. in Molecular and Population Genetics and CEO of Sierra Sciences, who runs mega marathons (50 to 100 mile runs) and comes in the top third of the finishers. Andrews is 59 and fully believes he will run a 7 minute mile at 130 years old.

Along with Andrews, thousands of people have been regrowing their telomeres for about 5 years, and they are finding their bodies getting younger and stronger, and their minds more agile. They sleep better, feel better, have fewer colds and flus and just generally are healthier. A new branch of biological science is studying the DNA of the cell and more specifically the shortening of telomeres as the cause of aging.

Nobel Prize technology

In 1984 Elizabeth Blackburn and her assistant Carol Greider of the U of C, at Berkeley discovered the telomerase enzyme that causes telomeres in the chromosomes in the nucleus of the cell to lengthen. In 1999, Ms. Blackburn and Greider along with Jack Slozak were awarded the Nobel Prize in Biology.

Move ahead to 1999 and we find Ph.D Bill Andrews, the mega marathoner, has led his research team at Geron, a US based biotech research company, in finding the gene that turns on the telomerase enzyme, which allows the telomeres to regrow. About that time, while searching for substances that would turn on the telomerase, they tested an ancient herb from Inner Mongolia. In a ground breaking manner they devised a patented method of extraction and testing of a single rare molecule, which has resulted in the world’s only available substance that will regrow telomeres.

By 2002, a major investor in Geron licenced the patented molecule from them and commenced with 5 years of extensive testing. Double-blind testing showed the molecule not only grew telomeres in the chromosomes of everyone who took it but proved its safety beyond any doubt. The resulting nutraceutical is a natural extract form the herb astragalus.

Age related diseases start at about age 25 but don’t manifest themselves until about age 40. Arthritis, cancer, heart and cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stomach and bowel disorders, erectile dysfunction, bone loss, failing eyesight, liver and kidney malfunction . . . you name it are for the most part linked to the aging of the body. Allopathic, conventional, medical doctors treat these diseases with an array of prescription drugs, surgery and radiation. Naturopaths, homeopaths and other natural health practitioners use vitamins herbs, special supplements, massage and other modalities to also control and bring relief to the human body. But, the clock keeps ticking. And, our cells continue to make their inevitable way to the day when they can’t divide anymore.

Users of telomerase activator report improved eyesight with many having to have their prescriptions changed to a lesser power. One of the first experiences people feel is increased energy and stamina. They feel stronger, happier, and experience fewer colds and flu. Erectile dysfunction in men and osteoporosis in women are two age related diseases where great improvement has been reported.

Not all astragalus extracts are the same. Telomerase activator (molecule #) 65 is a very rare occurrence in nature and does not exist in most astragalus species. After its introduction in 2007, a number of companies tried to jump on the bandwagon with claims of telomere lengthening at a much lower cost. They did not do the testing and verification of the molecule (or even find another source of the telomerase activator) but have tried to associate themselves with the result of the Geron technology. TA Sciences, the company that is the sole company licenced by Geron to make telomerase activator, tested 4 of the leading brands of astragalus extracts and found that there was absolutely no molecule 65 in any of the brands. Astragalus and its extracts do have many life enhancing benefits but growing your cell’s telomeres is not one of them. As Andrews says, the only telomerase activator he takes is telomerase activator (molecule#) 65. The reason is it works, is safe and is the only tested, proven, approved and commercially available telomerase activator in the world.

So will we live to be 200 years and beyond? The verdict is still out and time will tell. What we do know is that those regrowing their telomeres report amazing regression of their age related diseases far beyond what any placebo could accomplish.

TA-65 is available in Canada through licenced doctors, clinics and better natural health (food) stores. Core Natural Limited is the Canadian distributor for TA-65. For more information and the list of studies, news articles and where to buy, go to www.corenatural.ca or phone 289-217-3004.

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  1. Shaylen

    June 18, 2018 at 1:25 am

    Will we live to be 200? Who cares, just so long as customers live long enough to make the sellers of this "rare molecule" a large enough profit! Both meditation and an all plant based diet have each been scientifically proven to regrow telomeres. Moreover, our mentality and the way we choose to deal with stress is proven to allow us to protect our telomeres. Check out the book "How Not To Die" by Dr. Greger and his non-profit educational website nutritionfaacts.org, and check out some stuff from Elizabeth Blackburn.

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