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Real-Life Strategies for Cancer Prevention

By on April 2, 2013
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As a 5-year survivor of cancer, and having healed myself naturally, without chemo and radiation (with the support of a lot of great holistic practitioner colleagues), I have spent a great deal of time working to keep myself healthy and cancer-free and to prevent recurrence. I've learned a lot along the way, and from my own experience, I'd like to share my strategies to strengthen your body and soul against cancer:


Eat a lot of fresh, delicious, organic fruits and vegetables – rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants, with juicing every day. Super foods such as wheatgrass and blue-green algae are powerful additions to that list.

Eliminate Food Intolerances – to decrease inflammation in the digestive tract, and subsequent stress to the immune system. Testing is useful to find out what those intolerances may be.

Minimize wheat, sugar, caffeine – which irritate the system, weaken the immune system, and contribute to acidity. By removing these from your diet, you may start to feel a new energy that you hadn't felt before.


Address Anger – towards yourself, your childhood, your parents, your workplace, and anyone else in your life. Suppressed anger can bubble up and boil over into illness. This includes: resentment, frustration, and hatred.

Conquer Your Fears – fear keeps you stuck, and we often attract the things we are most afraid of. Conquer your fears and be free!

Maintain healthy boundaries – know what's acceptable to you and what isn't. Don't be stepped on. Voice what's important to you. You are in charge of your life. 


Quality Sleep – go to bed relaxed, early, and EMF (electro-magnetic field) – free.  That may mean no TV, tweeting or checking emails right before bed. Go to sleep in the complete dark and without cell phones buzzing all around you.  EMF's can severely affect your sleep.

Bodywork – helps calm your body, and your mind. Massages and acupuncture all benefit your circulation and energy flow, while decreasing the effects of stress. Schedule a regular treatment, once a month, or more. Look forward to it and feel good about it.

Meditation/Spiritual Practice – it's important to have a spiritual practice of some form, and there are so many to be drawn to. Find something that feels right for you, and  practise regularly.

Self-Healing Therapies – empower yourself through knowing that you can make a huge impact on your own health and future. Many very simple therapies, like EFT  (Emotional Freedom Technique) can do wonders in the self-healing of stress, emotions and physical symptoms.

It's never too early to develop good habits to boost your body naturally.  Start now, and your body will forever thank you.

Linda L. Brown, BA, ND, R.BIE is a Naturopathic Doctor, BodyTalk Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, and Registered BioEnergetics Practitioner, practising in Vaughan since 2001. www.WoodbridgeNaturopath.com

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