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Questions to Ask Your Dentist before Getting Dentures

By on February 18, 2014
Screen shot 2014 03 19 at 12.03.38 PM 300x336 - Questions to Ask Your Dentist before Getting Dentures

   Dentures are available to individuals who require full or partial tooth replacements. They are manufactured from a gum coloured plastic base with simulated teeth positioned that re-establish your smile. Modern dentures look very natural, improving your teeth and face shape whilst allowing you to eat and speak normally.

   Dentures are a synthetic replacement for natural teeth manufactured from acrylic and resin and in some cases special plastics and lightweight metal can be used. Dentures come in two types: complete dentures replace all your upper and lower teeth and partial dentures replace missing teeth. A dentist will take measurements of your mouth and make an impression using a mould. A trial denture will be produced from the impressions which will be tried in your mouth to assess the fit and for your approval, and then the finished denture is produced. The average age for individuals to require some form of denture is 45-years-old.

   Some commonly asked questions are is it painful and how long does it take? Having gone through the procedure personally I can confidently report that the whole procedure is not painful at all. Having the impressions taken felt like having a large gum shield in your mouth while you wait for the solution to set, but there is no pain involved. How long it will take from the initial consultation to receiving your new dentures really depends on the dental practice you use. If they have their own facilities to make dentures it can be a matter of days, if not, it can take two to three weeks.

   There is no doubt that having dentures improves your confidence, you will be able to smile at the world again. Missing teeth can affect your speech, that will improve considerably and finally, eating will become enjoyable again.


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