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Orgen Nutraceuticals Expands into Canada

By on March 12, 2014

   Orgen Nutraceuticals, a company offering a wide range of beneficial Ayurvedic fusion supplements, has announced a major expansion effort to offer its products through more retail and online outlets across Canada. The company, based in Michigan and manufactured in Ontario, maintains a strong commitment to product quality, having its supplements tested by outside sources at three different points during its manufacturing process. Orgen Nutraceuticals offers supplements for improved health in the areas of joints, the immune system, memory, blood sugar, liver function, sexual health and much more.

 “We are very pleased to expand the scope of our products in the Canadian marketplace,” said CEO of Orgen Nutraceuticals Mani Patel. “Our supplements have been formulated and produced specifically to help people live better, and this expansion will help us deliver our solutions to more individuals across the country.”

The Orgen Nutraceuticals line includes 14 different supplements, including Osteo Care, a dietary supplement with herbs that works to maintain cartilage and joint function. The product helps to ease both inflammatory and non-inflammatory forms of arthritis, while also serving as an effective preventative solution for long-term joint health. There is also [email protected], a herbo-mineral formula that promotes healthy and maintained bones and teeth, as well as good overall health. Containing ample amounts of zinc, vitamin D3, beta-carotene and calcium, the supplement contains the nutrients people need as they age. It also features gingko, which helps to improve cognitive function and memory. A sampling of Orgen Nutraceuticals’ other supplements includes Relaxo for stress relief, Braineed for memory enhancement, SugarSmart for healthy blood glucose levels and Livex for liver function.

 “Whether you would like to improve your overall health or have a specific area of concern to address, we have a supplement that can help you," says Patel, “This is a very exciting initiative, as more people will have access to the benefits that our products offer.”

Company wide, Orgen Nutraceuticals constantly seeks ways to improve both the quality and sustainability of its products, levering the latest in technology and energy-saving techniques during production. To learn more about Orgen Nutraceuticals, visit http://www.orgennutra.com.

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