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Oil of Oregano Never Tasted So Good

By on May 21, 2019
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Poised to be the new NHP leader in the oregano oil category, Strauss Naturals releases Smooth Oregano – an oregano oil that tastes good!

The Solution You’ve Been Waiting For
Most oil of oregano formulas are too strong for the average person, causing coughing, burning and even an upset stomach. If you like the idea of getting all the benefits of oregano oil with no lack of joy then you’ll love Smooth Oregano™.

Smooth Oregano™ was developed by herbalist and classically trained chef Stephen Case. As an oregano expert discouraged by a lack of pleasant tasting oregano formulas on the market he decided to fix that problem. “Smooth Oregano™ is effectively spiced and pleasantly sweet with glycerin and natural spearmint. It can be taken straight or even diluted in hot or cold water, which is something other formulas cannot do,” says Case. “Their oils just sit on top of the water and create the same unpleasant results. Just add a few droppers to a bottle of water of Smooth Oregano™ and enjoy throughout the day.”

“Our oregano comes from the Taurus mountains on the Mediterranean coast. It is hand-picked by local villagers and packed down the mountain on Anatolian donkeys. It is then carefully distilled by one of their own. A man named Mr. Abdullah, now in his 50’s who began hand harvesting
oregano at the age of 15 and was later encouraged by a friend to begin distilling, “ explains Case. “Recognized as one of the most reputable suppliers in the world, Mr. Abdullah and his family team distill the Origanum onites oregano oil exclusively for Smooth Oregano™ in North America.”

“Knowing your ingredients and your supplier is important,” Stephen continues, “and I am one of the very few who can actually say I’ve been to the steam distillery and worked with them to make this unique essential oil. I’ve shaken their hands and looked into the eyes of the man whose ethics and humble demeanor form the bedrock of our formula. All that’s left is for you to experience the great-tasting Mediterranean mountain power of Smooth Oregano™ for yourself.”

Oregano oil is widely used for respiratory and immune system health. Common uses are to prevent and treat: urinary tract infections (UTIs), respiratory infections, yeast infections, parasitic infections, methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection and preventing foodborne illnesses.

To learn more visit: smoothoregano.ca.

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