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How to Nourish and Protect the Brain

By on October 20, 2014
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Our brain’s balance is a key parameter for our health and well-being. Everyone is aware that breathing, eating, as well as our environment, lifestyle and emotions are involved in the neurological processes. In recent years, scientific research has given us the possibility to better understand the fascinating world of the brain. Studies have opened new avenues and revealed the major impact nutrients and micronutrients have on cognitive functions, memory, concentration and on neuron oxidization and degeneration prevention. In a context where our nervous system is increasingly solicited in everyday life, here are some of my favourite nutritional supplements which contribute to the protection and smooth functioning of the most complex organ of the human body.

Formulated to Improve Cognitive Function

Virage Santé has recently marketed NeuroComplex, a nutritional supplement that contains six of the pillars that are usually recommended for the brain (omega-3 fatty acid, B vitamins, ginseng, gingko biloba and coenzyme Q10) and lesser known specific compounds that I particularly recommend in my private practice: citicoline, vinpocetine and glutamine.
Citicoline protects and regenerates brain tissue and increases cellular synthesis and energy. It also favors the production of acetylcholine (memorization, concentration, attention and muscle coordination) and modulates the transmission of dopamine (coordination, mood and well-being) and of norepinephrine (vivacity, mood and fullness sensation). Vinpocetine increases the synthesis of many neurotransmitters and improves blood flow and oxygen usage in the brain. It also reduces platelet aggregation, prevents oxidization and protects the brain from damage linked to exotoxins like glutamate. Glutamine is an amino acid precursory to GABA, a neurotransmitter that regulates the speed of transmission of nervous messages and favours peace and concentration.

A Galaxy of Neurons

I often compare the brain to a galaxy composed of more than 100 billion stars. These shining dots constitute the neurons that communicate between themselves and transfer information specific to each of our body’s cells. The brain is the conductor that allows the unity of all the metabolic functions. It is also a magician, transforming our thoughts into motion and our passions into creation.

Imane Lahlou, N.D., Ph.D is a global health therapist, author and speaker. www.imanelahlou.com

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