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Live Below the Line Challenge

By on March 14, 2014

   Could you survive off $1.75 per day for all your everyday needs? $1.75 CAD is the extreme
poverty threshold which 1.2 billion people worldwide are currently surviving on. In an effort to
help end extreme poverty, Live Below the Line, a global challenge aiming to raise awareness
and funds for non-profit organizations, is working to put a stop to extreme poverty by
challenging Canadians to eat and drink for only $1.75 a day for five days.
   Participants taking the challenge will be exposed to the reality of what 1.2 billion people deal
with every day and will have the opportunity to raise money for partner organizations supporting
extreme poverty initiatives ranging from health and sanitation training to education, advocacy,
and agricultural and animal programs.
   Live Below the Line runs internationally in Canada, the UK and US from Monday, April 28 to
Friday, May 2, 2014. Since launching in 2010, Live Below the Line has engaged 50,000
participants across more than 70 countries and fundraised USD $10 million for more than 90
charities around the world including $110,000 in Canada in its first year in 2013.

How to participate:
• Visit livebelowtheline.ca to register as an individual or team
• Select the partner organization you would like to fundraise for
• Create an online profile to use as a platform to explain your reasons for participating, who
you’re fundraising for, set fundraising targets and capture online donations
• Visit livebelowtheline.ca for challenge recipes, rules and tips
• Plan your meals for challenge week! The full cost of all ingredients consumed must be within
budget (i.e., no dipping into the pantry for sugar, coffee, oil or spices!)
• Share personal experiences through social media at @LBLCA @LiveBelowCa and Live Below
the Line’s Facebook page

To help get you started, Live Below the Line has provided three recipes (breakfast, lunch and
dinner) that meet the $1.75 budget criteria. Please see recipes: belowthelinerecipepage



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