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Learn to Cook Healthy & Holistic Food

By on August 31, 2020
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Holistic Culinary Program now offered by CSNN Toronto East Branch

During these uncertain times, health and what that means has been a primary concern for many Canadians. The current pandemic has forced people to reflect on health choices, what it means to be healthy and how to improve ones’ health. 

The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Toronto East branch will be starting a Holistic Culinary program for 10 weeks starting September 10th.  A different course will be taught each week using Zoom for three hours in the evenings on Thursday nights.  Students have the option to choose different courses or take all 10 courses. Any student who takes all 10 courses will receive a Holistic Culinary Certificate.  

Food safety, proper food storing and cooking temperatures, knife skills, preparing garnishes, and vegetables stocks are all included in the Kitchen Culture and Knife skills course. You can also learn about standard tools and equipment found in a working kitchen. 

Versatile nuts, grains, seeds and fermented beans are explored in the Ancient Grains and Legumes course. Techniques such as soaking and sprouting will be taught, along with learning how to prepare grains and legumes for digestion. Students will get a demonstration on preparing different dishes with legumes, nuts and grains. 

Cooking for Kids is another course where students will learn how to create kid-friendly meals that don’t have common allergens and sensitivities. Foods that help with concentration, sleep, hyperactivity and behavioural issues are also part of this course. Learn to prepare meals that appeal to kids and are easy to put together.  

For the athletes and those with a strict gym regimen the Eating for Sports and Performance course will teach how to gain additional nutrients, protein to main muscle, calories, and how to adapt diets for strength. Post-workout smoothie preparation and homemade electrolyte drink recipes are also included in this course. 

Eating Plants from the Land, Lake and Sea is a course where students will learn how to identify and cook plants that are wild-harvested and foraged. Exploring plant-based feats is the goal here as well as braising greens, roasting root vegetables and sauteing. 

For those with a sweet tooth the Alternative Baking and Raw Sweets course will help students learn about alternatives to baking with sugar and superfoods such as gogi berries, raw cacao and maca. Trigger foods and common allergens will be discussed as well as how to create texture without eggs and dairy. 

Probiotic Foods and Beverages will take students on a journey of fermented vegetables, live culture kombucha and picked foods. Probiotic and enzyme rich foods will be discussed and how they aid digestion. Part of the course also includes how salt functions in a diet and how to make sauerkraut. 

Vegetable and bone broths are front and centre in the Restorative Broths and Teas course where students will learn the foundation for traditional bone broths, soups, sauces, and stews. 

Sourcing bones form ethical vendors will also be discussed and students will receive a local resource listing to find quality meat and bones. 

Registration is open for this new program, call the CSNN Toronto East Branch to register at 416-497-4111.