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KLIIN Creates a Splash!

By on March 3, 2020
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First-of-its-kind eco-friendly dish cleansing paste delivers sparkling results without the waste.

Renowned for its colourful collection of reusable towels, KLIIN has launched a first-of-its-kind concentrated dish cleansing paste, complete with degreasing power that is designed to deliver squeaky-clean shine to all it touches. Used in place of traditional dishwashing liquid, and also effective as a general household power cleaner, KLIIN dish cleansing paste has triple the shelf life of traditional dishwashing products and requires less water consumption, translating into cost efficiencies for consumers.

Available in lemon or lime scent, the paste is the latest product in the Quebec-based company’s line of innovative and eco-responsible household solutions, staying true to KLIIN’s ecological mission to encourage consumers to adopt new easy-on-the-environment practices. 

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Complete Clean, Zero Waste 

Unlike traditional cleaning products that are made of 70% water, KLIIN’s dish cleansing paste has a concentrated and soluble formula that significantly reduces water consumption – both by its ingredient list and through its washing process.

“Our research shows that most households wash dishes one or two pieces at a time, which results in water wastage as opposed to washing a sink-full of dishes that have piled up,” said KLIIN Founder and entrepreneur Marie-Pierre Bérubé. “KLIIN dish cleansing paste is perfectly suited for wash-as-you-go households because it eliminates the need to fill a sink with soapy water each time.” With KLIIN’s new product, users simply apply the paste with a rag or a damp sponge, scrub and rinse clean using only the water needed. Studies show that water-infused traditional detergents cause more suds to accumulate, requiring the need to use more water for rinsing.

“Consumer interest in green products is booming on a global scale and certain countries are ahead of the game,” Bérubé said. “Like the reusable towels I discovered in Europe, I found the eco-friendly dish cleansing paste during a recent trip and immediately knew that North Americans would appreciate having this brilliant product in their homes.” 

The concentrated dish cleansing paste is three times more economical than popular dishwashing liquids because it lasts three times longer. Its compact size minimizes packaging, reducing the carbon footprint associated with its transportation and the processing of recyclable waste. 

Powerful all-purpose cleaner

With a powerful degreasing agent, KLIIN dish cleansing paste is also an efficient multipurpose solution for cleaning household surfaces such as sinks, countertops, stovetops, ovens, range hoods and ceramic surfaces, as well as for removing soap residue from glass shower doors and bathtubs. 

A quick dip into this biodegradable solution can also give new life to KLIIN’s reusable towels and infuse them with the citrusy scent of lemon or lime. Available at selected retailers and online at www.kliin.co, KLIIN dish cleansing paste –which will last about six months when used every day – comes in a 250g container and retails at $7.99. 

New reusable towel designs

In conjunction of the launch of its new paste, KLIIN has unveiled a series of green-inspired botanical towel designs in time for spring that proudly celebrate its Quebec roots. Entrusting creative carte blanche to local illustrator ERDENE and Canadian textile designer Alissa Kloet from Keephouse Studio for select collections, the new line also includes limited-edition designs by homegrown brands Dans le sac, La Maison Lavande, PUR Vodka, COOK IT, and several others. Continuously working towards creating ecologically responsible solutions, KLIIN’s most recent innovations also include 100% compostable compressed sponges and hand soap sheets. 

Widely popular since its launch in 2018, KLIIN reusable towels have been enthusiastically embraced by consumers who love their versatility and efficiency compared to paper towels. One compostable KLIIN towel is the equivalent of 17 rolls of traditional paper towels, biodegrades in 28 days, and holds up to 15 times its weight in water. 

Users can easily replace cloths and sponges with these handy powerhouse towels that clean without leaving streaks and dry odour-free in seconds. Machine washable (even a run in the dishwasher will do) up to 300 times, the towels are entirely compostable and break down within 28 days. 

KLIIN towels are available in three sizes – 6.75” X 8” (starting at $4.99), 9.5” X 10” (starting at $9.99) and 12” X 20” which can be used as a drying mat (starting at $18.99), as well as in 5-sheet rolls (starting at $11.99). Compressed sponges retail for $8.99 per package of two. 

For more information, to order online or to find a list of retailers: www.kliin.co

Instagram: @kliinco

Facebook: @KLIINco


KLIINʹs story originated in 2015 when Marie-Pierre Bérubé received a simple reusable cloth from a friend returning from Europe. It was quite a nondescript item, but Marie-Pierre was immediately blown away by the efficiency of this Scandinavian innovation. Intrigued and inspired, she soon learned more about its manufacture and the multitude of uses this promising discovery offered. She was even more amazed to find out that most European homes used it daily. A few months later, Marie-Pierre launched KLIIN and took up a new challenge: raising the awareness of Canadians about the impact their paper towels use has on the environment and helping to change their habits. What takes her product to the next level is that Marie-Pierre works with talented local designers and illustrators to adorn KLIIN towels with dazzling designs. In line with its ecological mission, KLIIN supports a variety of community causes and initiatives, one of which is École secondaire Polybel, where the company recently welcomed students with learning and adaptation challenges, or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), as part of a training program aimed at helping them prepare for the workforce. Through these internships, students have gained valuable work experience for semi-skilled trades, helping to set them up for future success.