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Is the War Against Cholesterol Justified?

By on February 19, 2019
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Cholesterol plays a vital role in the functioning of the body, since it is found in every cell and helps produce hormones. Treating cholesterol is not just about lowering the LDL levels in your blood.

We obtain cholesterol in 2 ways:

  1. Cholesterol is synthesized in the body and produced
    by the liver.
  2. We absorb cholesterol from saturated fats via the intake of
    animal products from our diets.

Let’s Clarify
HDL refers to good cholesterol
LDL refers to bad cholesterol

Each component plays an important role in the transport of cholesterol
LDL are responsible for transporting triglycerides and cholesterol from the liver to the cells. HDL returns the lipids to the liver where they will be metabolized for elimination via bile salts. So liver function is important and support with milk thistle and artichoke may help optimize those functions.

A comprehensive and holistic approach
The management of cholesterol requires a comprehensive, holistic assessment of the person in order to achieve sustained and successful results. Many factors: diet, lifestyle, stress factors, oxidation, free radical damage, emotional, metabolic syndrome including hypertension, dyslipidemia, obesity, diabetes… state and the severity must all be considered. Many are in search of alternative solutions.

For reducing homocysteine B vitamins, artichoke and milk thistle are useful for improved liver metabolism. Policosanol acts to fluidify the blood, reduce platelet aggregation, and lower LDL. Red yeast rice and phytosterols support the results of policosanol by lowering cholesterol levels. CoQ10 is essential to the functioning of the Krebs cycle in energy production and functions of muscles such as the heart and serrapeptase which inhibits and degrades the formation of atheroma plaque. All these ingredients will help with the cardio vascular inflammation.

An effective natural solution for lowering cholesterol
Red yeast rice (RYR) is an effective solution for lowering cholesterol naturally. This is the ultimate example of using food as medicine! RYR has proven to be effective in treating and improving overall cardiovascular health. The complexes and components within RYR are well balanced in terms of ingredients and synergistic constituents that offer exemplary results.

How does red yeast rice work?
RYR reduces cholesterol by 25% to 35% . It reduces triglycerides by 12 to 20%. A number of studies on significant effects of RYR on metabolic syndrome have shown that red yeast rice has cholesterol-lowering properties.

Remember managing chronic and serious health issues requires a comprehensive approach. There is no one magic bullet approach. Instead, healthy lifestyle choices, better nutrition, and the mental and emotional state of the person must all be addressed.

A red yeast rice formulation with CoQ10, serrapeptase, B complex targeting cholesterol and co infections associated (homocysteine, inflammation, plaque) with cholesterol is essential.

For more information visit: www.herbasante.ca

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