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Introducing Experts Live

By on June 15, 2013
ANH 300x336 - Introducing Experts Live

In today’s fast-paced society, we often lack the time and ability to seek out the advice of professionals to find answers and solutions to our natural health and wellness inquiries. With the abundance of information available at our fingertips through the expansive web, we often resort to exploring these topics through search engines which result in a slew of contradicting and generalized articles.

AskNaturalHealth.ca, Canada’s leading platform connecting consumers to natural health and lifestyle experts, continually affords consumers with the opportunity to match and offer a personalized introduction with the appropriate expert to solve their queries. With the understanding that everyone lives their lives differently –  with particular eating habits, diverse body types, and specific needs – AskNaturalHealth.ca is now presenting  a new feature which brings tailored solutions to the next level.

Introducing Experts Live. An interactive 45 minute live-to-air video web show featuring a panel of natural health and lifestyle experts, eager to answer your personalized questions in real-time.  Through an engaging experience with viewers, each expert will provide an educational and insightful comprehensive talk on a specific health interest, subsequently followed by live Q&A session with viewers watching across the world. The speakers will have the opportunity to provide their own perspective from a nutritional, physical and mental health standpoint on their related subject.

Available at no cost and accessible worldwide, Experts Live employs the use of Google video technology and real-time Q&A engine to deliver a stimulating, informative platform for health and wellness consumers worldwide. Professionally hosted, curated, and moderated, each episode will also be archived for future viewing online to review and share.

The aim of Experts Live is to encourage talking, sharing, learning, and asking questions that are important to consumers in a convenient and accessible manner. To learn more, visit http://asknaturalhealth.ca/expertslive for upcoming schedule and topics. To get involved, visit http://asknaturalhealth.ca/workwithus to explore the opportunity to share your story and insight with consumers worldwide. 

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