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INTERNAL FAMILY SYSTEMS COUNSELLING ASSOCIATION launches grief corps to support COVID-19 bereavement

By on May 28, 2020

Erin, ON (May 19, 2020) – Internal Family Systems Counselling Association (IFSCA) has started Grief Corps that offers residents of Canada the chance to participate in complimentary and virtual bereavement support groups to help cope with the loss of a loved one due to COVID-19. IFSCA aims to help as many people as possible during this trying time in their lives of complex bereavement. IFSCA wants to empower grieving residents with tools and ways in which to manage pain, grief and a range of difficult emotions as well as to not feel alone. The program is six weeks and is led by a team of IFSCA-approved mental health professionals. 

Each group that is a part of Grief Corps will have ten people and partake in six sessions. Every attendee is able to share how they are feeling and their hardships as well as provide support for other members in the group. Participants can sign up for any available timeslot from Monday through Saturday by signing up with an individual from the team of mental health professionals at this link

Derek Scott, RSW is the founder of IFSCA and is leading the launch of the Grief Corps program to help people deal with loss related to COVID-19. In addition, he also offers other courses both online and in-person at his retreat centre Namaskar. He has worked in counselling and therapy for almost four decades including 15 years working exclusively as an IFS therapist where he has taken the highest level of training (level three) three times. Scott has also worked for 18 years as an AIDS counsellor specializing in multiple loss. He has been a guest lecturer several times at the University of Western Ontario, presented at numerous conferences worldwide and has had his work published in several outlets.

“There are a wide range of responses to grief and I believe it is so important to be able to share how people are truly feeling in a safe environment, especially during unique circumstances such as COVID-19,” said Derek Scott, Founder of Grief Corps. “My colleagues and I want to make sure that we can support as many people as we can during this difficult time and provide them with resources to cope with their loss.”

For more information about Grief Corps and for helpful articles on how to deal with loss, please visit: https://ifsca.ca/grief-corps.


IFSCA is an organisation founded by Certified IFS Therapist Derek Scott and is dedicated to promoting the Internal Family Systems (IFS) understanding of the personality and model of therapy pioneered by Dr. Richard Schwartz. IFS is regarded by many as the emerging model of psychotherapy in the field. IFSCA operates out of a beautiful retreat centre in the country near Toronto, Ontario and offers online and in-person courses to teach the model to mental health professionals. It also offers many free resources including over 40 free videos on its YouTube channel.