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How to Stay Energized All Day with Natural Supplements

By on December 16, 2019
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Energy – it’s what keeps us going throughout our daily lives. We need it to be able to rock that presentation at work, hit the gym to work out, socialize with friends and colleagues, and check everything off our to-do lists from sunup to sundown. And increasingly, our days need a lot of it.

When we experience lack of energy, we don’t feel like we can get through the day. Then, too often people take to unhealthy measures — like caffeine pills, high-energy drinks, or other stimulants — to keep the energy flowing. But, this often leaves the body worse off. Natural alternatives exist that will give the body what it needs, without draining it entirely later on. Turns out, there are a number of vitamins and minerals best suited to give the body the sustained energy it needs for work and play. However, putting them into a formula that works is a harder task.

What Causes Energy Loss?
Finding a solution to energy loss is complicated because it could derive from a number of factors. But put simply, your body needs a constant stream of energy to perform the physical and mental tasks that the day demands.

If you’re not getting the proper sleep, then your brain doesn’t have time to recover from the day, and perform the overnight maintenance that our bodies need. So, sleep could be one factor to consider, if you’re feeling tired throughout the day.

If your diet is too calorie-concentrated, and doesn’t contain food that actually gives your body the vitamins and minerals it needs, then what you eat could be a major factor. A ‘food coma’ or feeling tired after eating may indicate that your daily diet needs some re-tweaking.

And, if your work or daily activities are too often sedentary, meaning that you’re not getting a whole lot of exercise, this doesn’t allow your blood to flow. That prevents oxygen from being transported, which is what rejuvenates you throughout the day. Without that happening, your body tends to tire faster.

And, finally, water. Ever drink a few coffees in a day, but still somehow feel tired? It may sound simplistic, but not getting enough water can be a major factor behind energy loss. Your body needs H2O to keep blood pressure normal, and perform its natural functions. If you’re not getting the suggested amount for your weight class, then your body is essentially running on empty. And that can tire you!

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The Natural Energy Aid Everyone’s Talking About
So by this point, we know our body needs the right sleep, diet, water, and physical activity to ensure that energy is sustained throughout the day. But what else can we give ourselves that would supply our mind and body with a feeling of rejuvenation to tackle the day’s challenges? 

Enter the latest natural supplement from the EZ Lifestyle team (who also made OverEZ, the natural hangover pill) called FuelEZ. Like the other products from this company, the daily capsule is made from only organic and pure ingredients, and sustainably sourced.

Like OverEZ, you take the capsule at the beginning of your day. The Guaraná and green coffee bean extracts from Brazil work to boost your body up first, giving it enough energy to last through the day. Then a mixture of L-tyrosine, thiamin, and riboflavin activates to maintain high clarity, especially during stressful situations. It’s that concentration and focus that you’ll need for peak performance. And finally, like OverEZ, the process ends with vitamin B12; so, there’s no crash, or drain, as the day winds down.

FuelEZ provides these vitamins and minerals in an easy-to-use, capsule to make a huge difference to your day.