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Health Hubs Near You

By on October 24, 2017
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Only at health food stores will you find the highest quality, most local organic foods and supplements.

The owners and staff are quick to offer qualified advice and are trained to be up to date about the latest products, ingredients and production processes. Products are eco-conscious, nutrition conscious and local. Many now offer nutrition and cooking classes. Drop in on a neighbour.

1. Quality Ingredients

Feeling motivated to make healthy changes is one thing, but putting it into practice is another. A change in diet may include unfamiliar and even discouraging supplements and ingredients. What on earth is baobab powder and why does this soup recipe call for it? As is turns out, baobab is a quality superfruit that is readily available at your local health food store, along with many others. Searching for that new ingredient is a great way to expand your healthy eating horizon. Before you know it, your cupboards will be filled with top-notch items from your new favourite store, and your belly will be happier and healthier.

2. Qualified Advice

Tracking down quality ingredients, supplement or herbal products can quickly turn into an unwanted scavenger hunt. At health food stores, quality far exceeds quantity. It is much easier to find what you’re looking for in a compact health food store as opposed to a giant grocery store, especially when the staff is well equipped with educated advice on the products.

3. Eco-Conscious Products

Health food stores have much more to offer than just food. Many also sell natural home and beauty products including makeup, sun care, essential oils, household cleaners, and cooking and baking supplies. While you work on your personal wellbeing, why not consider the health of our planet as well? Buying eco-friendly food and products is an easy way to improve both.

4. Be Nutrition Conscious

Being health conscious is easy when the only products available are nutritious. At health food stores, every item on the shelf has the common purpose of providing wellness to your body in one way or another. It seems as though there are enough vitamins, minerals, and supplements to form the entire alphabet and health food stores are fully stocked with all of them. From vitamin A to zinc, health food stores have you covered.

5. Support Local

Last, but certainly not least, shopping at your local health food store is a great way to support people in your neighbourhood. Local shops create character and strengthen the community, making shopping a fun and social experience. By buying local products that are natural and nutritious, you are encouraging communal prosperity and welfare. Local health food stores benefit everyone.

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Health Hubs Near You

Big Carrot
Noah’s Natural Foods
Qi Natural Foods
Wholesome Market 
Healthy Planet

Nature’s Source

Garlic Grove
Nature’s Source
S&H Health
Nature’s Counter
Nutrition House
Apple Market

New Market
Nature’s Emporium

Good Health Mart
Barry’s Nutrition Centre
Goodness Me

Stone Store Natural Foods
New Age Health Food Store
Market Fresh

Eating Well Organically

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  1. Michael Wood

    September 17, 2018 at 11:28 pm

    You should also add Healthy Living Plus. They are very knowledgeable whenever I need something.

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