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Giving Back

By and on July 30, 2017
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Supplements have the power to change lives. These organizations, naturopathic doctors (NDs) and Canadian companies are making a difference in their communities at home and abroad.

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The Pure Heart of Puresource
Community Builder at Home
and Abroad

Based in Guelph Ontario, Puresource has been helping natural and organic companies distribute products across Canada since since 1989, but they’ve also made helping their local community and making lives better for others abroad as part of their company’s mission.

A strong supporter of local charities Puresource supports Autism Speaks Canada, the Guelph Food Bank, Guelph/Wellington Women in Crisis, the Michael House Pregnancy Care Centre and Hopewell Children’s Home of Guelph Wellington.

For Autism Speaks Canada employees participate in annual fundraising walks in Guelph, Kitchener and Toronto. For Guelph Food Bank they do drives in the spring and fall and provide stocked items from the warehouse. For Guelph/Wellington Women in Crisis they sponsor charity dinners. They also provide gift baskets to assist in fundraising for Michael House Pregnancy Care Centre and Hopewell Children’s Home of Guelph Wellington.

The international charities they support are the Vitamin Angels Alliance, the Christadelphian India Fund, ECHO-Educational Concerns for Hunger, and Organization Gideon’s International.

Puresource offers a broad range of products that takes care of the entire family – from the inside to the outside of your body, and your home – including: herbal, nutritional and sports supplements
green & environmentally-responsible cleaning products herbal and medicinal teas, organic and natural and gluten-free foods, homeopathics, natural pet products, natural personal care health and beauty products.

Puresource distributes leading manufacturers, including their own Puresource brands: NOW Foods, Just Juice, Herbal Select Nutritionals, Inari Organic Foods; Purely Bulk Foods, Eco-Pioneer and Simply Clean cleaning products. They are the proud distributor partners to over 150 of Canada’s leading natural brands including: Nuts to You, Bach, Seaweed Bath Co., Bragg’s, Eden Organic, Dr. Bronners, Uncle Lee’s Tea, and many more. Visit: https://puresource.ca

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Naturopaths Without Borders
CCNM Chapter

Ana Candia was a first year student at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in 2013 when she first heard about Naturopaths Without Borders (NWB) brigades to Cap Haitien in Haiti and went on her first mission. “Everyone has one piece of luggage and it is filled with donations – not clothes,” recalls Candia.  More than just life-saving and changing supplements, the students bring all the tools of their training and are introduced to the land, the people and their needs.

Serving as President of the CCNM Chapter for several years, Candia says malnutrition in Haiti is huge, “In Canada, we take the assumption our patients are eating three meals a day.  It’s not something you can asssume there.  Often it is one meal and it may not offer much in terms of nutrition.” Candia says joint pain and body pain are also common health issues for the primarily physical labourers in Cap Haitien.

NWB, a global not-for-profit since 2006 offers both dispensary and care. Always in need are fish oils (providing anti-inflammatory aid), magnesium supplements (good for a wide range of conditions) and multivitamins. “Our role is Doctor As Teacher,” says Candia, referring to the Naturopathic principle Docere, meaning to teach.  NWB’s clinic offers nutritional counselling and care for common problems like rheumatic pain, GI infections and childhood dermatological concerns with local herbs and foods, exercises and acupuncture for pain.

“Our work is primarily focused on building the health of the community through leveraging sustainable resources – plants and people,” says Executive Director Sean Hesler, ND. “We have four Haitian Community Health Workers who go into the community to teach people how to eat, how to use plants to heal themselves and they also do massage for pain and to increase bonding between mother and child. These health workers also help us to teach foreign volunteers about Haitian culture and health practices. We strive to connect the skill sets of our volunteers with our community – a true two-way service learning experience!

For Ana, the learning experience was very humbling, “the patients are ever so grateful and we are continually humbled by their patience, kindness and gratitude for what we can do – to change people’s lives.” Visit: www.nwb.ngo

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A Mission to Change Lives
Organics 4 Orphans 

The words “forty million orphans in Africa” are startling and overwhelming. For Linda and Dale Bolton, they were the words that impacted and inspired them to take action. Over 10 years ago, the Boltons visited Malawi, Africa, which, at the time, was the poorest country in the world. After witnessing the extremely harsh reality of millions across the continent, they asked themselves a complicated question – what can we do to help? Initially, like so many others, they felt like they couldn’t make a difference.

At the same time, Linda was on her own path of discovery. Magnesium citrate is a natural mineral that hasn’t always been available in Canada – that is, until Linda stumbled upon Natural Calm, a magnesium-based supplement that originated in the United States.  After suffering from fibromyalgia induced sleepless nights and muscle pain, Linda finally found a means to reduce her chronic discomfort. In 2005, she began importing Natural Calm to Canada.

Later that same year, Linda and Dale went to back to Africa to Kenya with a lingering inkling to help. Still affected by people they’d met that were part of the tragic statistic, the altruistic couple were also impacted by the lack of healthy and prosperous food across Africa. With Dale’s background in farming, Linda’s background in nursing, and two hearts of gold, it quickly became clear to them that they could find unique ways to make a real difference and create change.

With funds from Natural Calm’s growing success, Linda and Dale started Organics 4 Orphans, a charity that gives aid to people living in extreme poverty through sustainable agriculture and natural medicine. Now the CEO of Natural Calm Canada, Linda’s philosophy stems from a place of giving. “Food is medicine,” says Dale, Founder and International Director of Organics 4 Orphans. “The body’s ability to maintain health if it’s given what it needs is remarkable. Both Natural Calm and Organics 4 Orphans facilitate lifestyle changes and both organizations are created to give.”

Organics 4 Orphans teaches sustainable gardening strategies to individuals and families in 20 African countries. Dale and Boaz Oduor, Kenyan Director of the charity, teach these techniques to Organic Agricultural Trainers (OATs) who then provide lessons on organic growing, nutrition, and disease prevention to those in need. The training program has also been done in Haiti and Indonesia, with work in India on the horizon.

It has been 12 years since Linda and Dale Bolton started Organics 4 Orphans and there is no slowing down for this power couple. They have helped over 50,000 people gain control of their health. To date, Natural Calm has donated well over $1,000,000 to the charity. Their passion for prosperity and wellbeing across nations is fuelled by their belief that healthy food and natural supplements are the ultimate medicine. Visit http://organics4orphans.org

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Allimax and CLM Health Group
Starthrower Foundation

Allimax is a garlic supplement that sets itself a part from its competitors with bioactive allicin, a key compound in garlic that contains strong antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. It is the first capsule of its kind to consist of allicin and is recognized internationally for its bacteria fighting superpowers. Yet, this mighty compound is not the only notable feature of Allimax – as a company, Allimax practices benevolence in more ways than one.

Sharon Gaskell, founding director of Starthrower Foundation, was suffering from an ailment when she discovered Allimax. After realizing the healing abilities of the supplement, she asked the company to donate to her charity and Allimax willingly agreed.

Starthrower is a not-for-profit charity that provides education to impoverished youth in Haiti. Allimax donates capsules to Starthrower, as well as Naturopaths Without Borders, an organization dedicated to providing naturopathic healthcare to the same region.

“Allimax wants to help people. These charities work hard and selflessly to aid others,” says Kate Maguire, President of Allimax. “When benefiting others is possible, it’s the right thing to do.”

In recent years, the National Wall of Remembrance Association contacted Allimax in a request to support the construction of a wall to remember our fallen heroes.

This initiative struck a special chord with Maguire and the company currently contributes to the ongoing project. At Allimax, giving back to the community is part and parcel with promoting good health. Visit: www.clmhealth.com

Charleen Wyman is the publisher of Healthy Directions magazine.

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