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GenoVive — A Pathway to Health Built Just for You

By on April 15, 2015
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It’s not easy to eat healthy. It’s even harder to start eating healthy and then follow your new diet consistently. When the temptation of unhealthy food is everywhere and entices you, it’s difficult to turn it away. Add to that the demands of the day, and it can be hard to find the time to sit down and figure out what you need to do in order to maintain healthy eating habits. Sometimes, a person just needs an outside voice to direct them.

Now, there’s GenoVive, an innovative company whose aim is to design a personalized meal and exercise program to help you reach your goal weight. Using a method based on genetic sciences, GenoVive uses your DNA to create a unique itinerary to get you on track toward a healthier lifestyle.

A Man and His Mission

CEO Victor Castellon founded GenoVive in 2008. Castellon is also the founder of Bovigen, a company that aimed to make improvements in the beef industry’s practices surrounding breeding.

“We went on the hunt for feed-efficiency genes,” Castellon said of Bovigen. “We had to find which animals converted pounds of feed into pounds gained, faster than others. Through genome wide association studies we found three genes that were most prevalent.”

Stressed by his job and the damage brought on by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and subsequently driven to overeating as a means of comfort, Castellon gained 89 pounds before realizing and accepting he needed to make some drastic changes if he wanted to stay well. However, a number of diets left him with no results, so he turned to his lab for a solution.

“I called my ex-geneticists and consultants,” said Castellon, “and asked the question, ‘What if there was genes that showed the reverse in humans. Not feed efficiency, but metabolic utilization efficiency that increases weight loss timeline based on same caloric content of 1600 and 1900 calories?’”

He tested his own gene variations, and with the help of a nutritional chef, designed a daily five-meal regimen. Castellon began exercising and eating the meals that were pre-made for him.

“I engaged a personal trainer who measured my body fat percentage almost on a monthly basis, and sure enough, my body fat percentage decreased and muscle mass increased.”

Castellon lost 80 pounds and dropped from a size 42 to a size 30 in one year.

The Answer Is in Your DNA

In 2009, Castellon conceived the idea for GenoVive, where he would utilize what he had learned to help others like him lose weight and begin a healthier life. He employed a team of scientists with disciplines in both nutrition and genetics to research genes directly correlated to metabolic processing of macronutrients and their effect on weight loss.

“What validated my business-model,” said Castellon, “was that when we were doing our research, an Ivy League school was concurrently performing their own study, exactly the same road I was taking. Their results were amazingly similar to our own.”

He discovered that everyone’s DNA must be specifically catered to, and that no two people are alike. Even family members develop differently from each other. The body’s metabolism—the chemical processes that occur within our bodies to prolong life—plays a critical role in the development of a person’s diet, and GenoVive takes that into account. They analyze how your body consumes fats and carbohydrates, as well as the body’s response to any physical activity. By doing so, they gain a fine understanding of a person’s DNA. What works for one person might not work for another, so GenoVive tailors a plan to satisfy your body’s needs and incapability.

The GenoVive Plan

GenoVive creates a strict regimen based on a person’s age, gender, weight and height—and it all starts with a simple cheek swab. They then customize a plan using your results and send you a Meal Plan containing three meals and two snacks per day, in addition to exercise plans. By following both, you are guaranteed an optimized plan through which you will begin to reap personal benefits.

Those who choose to follow the Meal Plan given to them are sent a weekly shipment of 6 packaged meals, one for each day, for a total of 24 per month. They are each designed to meet the requirement of the recommended daily calorie intake: 1300, 1600, or 1900 calories. Users can also check their Weight Management Genetic Profile Report to see the percentage of macronutrients you should eat each day, as well as the recommended exercise intensity. In addition, GenoVive provides necessary vitamins and mineral supplements to further bolster one’s development.

Finding Your Healthier Self

Testimonials have proven GenoVive is effective. Angie F. of New Orleans, Louisiana, lost 70 pounds, dropping from a size 22 to a size 12. Others share similar stories, losing several pounds and starting a new, healthier lifestyle within one year.

“Our program has expanded to Mexico, Brazil, the Philippines, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Poland. I foresee that our expansion will be globally in the next two years. Our next step is integrating educational applications with our diets and exercise programs,” Castellon said.

GenoVive is an original and important development in the realm of healthy eating. It’s a convenient alternative to grocery shopping, and also serves as a personal trainer of sorts. If you’re too overwhelmed by your schedule or don’t know how to get started, GenoVive will put you on the straight and narrow, so you’re well on your way to living healthier, livelier and happier.

Said Castellon: “Everyone looks for the ‘magic bullet’ of diets. The ‘magic bullet’ is you. Your motivation is key to evolve and utilize the tools that are applicable to make the transformation.”

GenoVive is the first comprehensive personalized weight management solution based on genetics sciences. Headquartered just outside of New Orleans in Harahan, Louisiana, the company has  concentrated operations in Brazil, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Kingdom of Saudi  Arabia and the Philippines. You can learn more about nutrigenomics by going to genoviveusa.com.


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