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The Essiac Story: Natural Health Product Pioneer and Nurse Rene M. Caisse

By on April 20, 2017

Ahead of her time and a heroine of the Canadian natural health industry, this modest Canadian nurse discovered a natural herbal formula, refined it and offered free treatments.

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Made only in Canada, ESSIAC® is the original proprietary herbal formula from Rene M. Caisse, RN, a Canadian nurse renowned for her significant contributions to the field of natural health. From 1922 to 1978, Nurse Caisse used her herbal remedy to help restore wellness to many people. And since 1922, ESSIAC has become known worldwide as a trusted herbal supplement, recommended by healthcare practitioners, health and wellness centers, and pharmacies.

A Dedicated Nurse and Innovator
Rene was one of eight girls in a family of 11 children and was the third daughter born to Joseph and Friselde Caisse. The Caisse family moved to Bracebridge from Peterborough in the late 1800's. Joseph, a tobacconist, died at 60, but Friselde, a seamstress lived until she was 90. Rene treated her mother in her 72nd year. Rene's entire life was dedicated to the nursing profession and it was during the early years of her career that she came upon the treatment which was to dominate the rest of her life. It was in Haileybury Hospital, Ontario, that Rene first learned of the herbal tea.  An elderly woman gave Rene the recipe for the First Nations herbal remedy. Over the years which followed, Rene refined it. Hundreds received ESSIAC at Nurse Caisse's Bracebridge clinic and in the late 1930's, there was a lot of public pressure to have it recognized by the medical profession.

Essiac Today
ESSIAC (Caisse spelled backwards) is an all natural, drug free, gluten free and MSG free product when taken as suggested. ESSIAC from Canada is a traditional herbal supplement which helps the immune system. ESSIAC can be taken with any vitamin or supplement, any prescription and by those who are presently being treated with chemotherapy or radiation or have been. A formulation of premium-quality herbs, ESSIAC from Canada is produced in cGMP compliant facilities. ESSIAC comes in powder formula (1.5 oz. 42.5g), extract formula (10.5 oz., 300 ml) and vegetable capsules (60 caps 500 mg).

Passing on the Tradition
Before she passed away in 1978, Nurse Caisse signed her formula over to Resperin Canada in a notarized agreement known as ESSIAC Canada International. For over 12 years, ESSIAC has been approved in writing by the FDA as an herbal supplement with no medical claims. ESSIAC is currently one of only a few companies authorized for sale by Health Canada and been given a Natural Product Number (NPN).

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