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Doctors Say, “Get Your Daily B12 via Instavit Oral Spray”

By on August 9, 2016
Screen Shot 2016 08 09 at 10.22.34 PM 300x336 - Doctors Say, “Get Your Daily B12 via Instavit Oral Spray”

Did you know nearly half of individuals between the ages of 26 and 83 are deficient in vitamin B12? Affectionately dubbed the “energy vitamin,” B12 plays a vital role our overall health and bodily functions. In fact, recent studies are now linking low levels of B12 to childhood autism, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer’s disease. Not to mention, deficiencies have long been aligned with anemia, depression, fatigue, and various neurologic problems. So, here is the issue: despite needing it to maintain proper health, our bodies do not make B12 on their own. Nowadays, it is found naturally in meats and eggs, but of course, that makes it particularly difficult for those adhering to vegan or vegetarian diets to get their necessary daily doses.

Traditionally, B12 supplements by means of pills or injections were the norm. The problem is, most people are not too excited about getting regular shots in their arms or are pretty lousy when it comes to remembering to take their pill supplements—hence, the large numbers of deficiencies being reported. Furthermore, in the case of B12 pills, many individuals are weary of their efficacy and ability to absorb, particularly those with gut issues, such as Crohn’s or celiac disease. And, while vegan B12 options have begun to exist (i.e. nutritional yeast), once again they are difficult to rely on daily. So, what’s the smart solution? Instavit.

What is Instavit?

Inspired by doctors, developed by doctors, and used by doctors, Instavit combines high quality formulations with oral spray technology to deliver a better supplement solution that is pure, portable, and powerful.

After a near fatal health crisis resulting from Crohn’s disease, Dr. J. Joshi was left dangerously deficient in vitamin B12. However, having seen during surgery an undigested vitamin gummy left behind in his patient’s stomach, he was skeptical as to whether traditional supplements were really doing the job. Also, like so many people, he despised taking pills. Not only are they difficult to swallow, but also, they are incredibly inconvenient for someone with a busy lifestyle. This led him and his wife Dr. Sonia Joshi to develop an easier B12 supplement solution.

With Instavit B12, individuals simply spray 1-4 jets into their mouths each day, and almost instantly, they have fulfilled their daily-recommended dose. However, Instavit is not only offering rapid delivery in a pill-free form; it is also offering portability like never before.

Instavit’s spray bottle is no larger than a typical lipstick tube, which makes it much less of a hassle to take on the go, when compared with bulky pill bottles. Because this new type of supplement requires no water chaser and is pocket-sized, you can keep it with you, making it “no big deal” should you forget to take your B12 before leaving the house.

Today, Instavit is available for not only vitamin B12, but also as a solution for vitamin D, improved immunity, daily multi-vitamins, better sleep, energy, and clearer thinking. Each formula is made using the highest quality ingredients and is free from unnecessary fillers and binders. Oh, and did we mention they taste great too?

B12 Instavit Oral Spray

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