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Couple’s Time, the Scandinavian Way: Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain

By and on March 13, 2013
Screen shot 2013 03 12 at 11.14.13 PM 300x336 - Couple’s Time, the Scandinavian Way: Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain

In Scandinavia, the tradition of hot baths, cold plunges and Finnish saunas remains popular today. While North Americans have been aware of the European commitment to health and wellness using baths & spas, most of us are just beginning to understand the therapeutic and personal benefits. Saunas are an effective, healthful method for stress reduction that develops a greater sense of well being. By stimulating the sweat glands, an intense detoxification & cleansing of the skin occurs. Water, experienced at varied temperatures, also has a powerful and uplifting effect on the body and mind.

Located within minutes of Collingwood, Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain offers a natural environment for a luxurious, healthful experience that aims to rejuvenate, relax & revitalize each guest. The experience begins as the body is warmed in a hot bath, sauna or steam room. This opens the pores and begins the detoxifying process. Then, a plunge into cold water (or snow!) rinses the toxins from the skin and closes the pores. The plunge also increases the heart rate and enhances blood circulation throughout the body. The third stage that of relaxation, helps re-establish equilibrium as systems return to a normal resting state. With the repetition of the three sequences, the body detoxifies, the mind calms and the spirit soars.

Nestled in the trees near the slopes of the Blue Mountain Resort, Scandinave Spa offers couples a serene retreat for a few hours or an entire day of relaxation. The romantic sounds of the waterfalls and the whiff of eucalyptus and fire wood, appeal to both male & female guests – visit during at night for a unique view. Book a duo massage for a more special experience and enjoy unlimited access to the Baths as part of the treatment. The spa also offers a first class bistro for a healthy bite to eat or a glass of local wine après Spa.

The award-winning Scandinavian Baths are $48 for the day. Registered massage treatment including Swedish, sports & hot stone therapy start at $124. It is recommended to plan your day well in advance and to visit Monday-Friday. In an effort to keep the integrity of the experience, the Spa limits the number of guests in the activity, so weekends and holidays often have waitlists for access to the Baths. Massages can be reserved up to three months in advance.

Day packages are also available including lunch, robes, sandals and more. Overnight packages are offered by the many local accommodation providers. Itineraries can be tailored for guests; so, they can experience the many things to see and do in the South Georgian Bay area during their visit.


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