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Pup personalities revealed

By on March 21, 2013
Screen shot 2013 03 21 at 3.07.18 PM 300x336 - Pup personalities revealed

(NC)—It is common knowledge that the lifestyles of Canadians on the West Coast differ from those in the Prairies and in the Atlantic Provinces, but does the same go for the four-legged residents? According to a recent Purina Dog Chow Family Poll, Canadians across the country are consistent in their love of pets – with 93 per cent saying their dog makes their family complete. From posh sleeping arrangements, to celebrating pet birthdays, to including pups in family photos, Canadian canines – in every province – reign supreme. For instance, 57 per cent of dogs in Alberta sleep in their owners' bed; half of all Albertan dog owners say they would sooner kick their spouse/partner out of bed than their dog, for snoring. Not to be left out, two-thirds of Ontarian pet parents say that, as a family, they acknowledge or celebrate their dog's birthday (66 per cent).

When it comes to treating four-legged friends as part of the family, British Columbians and Quebeckers might as well save a seat at the dinner table. B.C. pet owners are more likely to take photos of their dog, with 92 per cent saying they love snapping photos of their four legged friends, and include them in family photos. Family dogs in Quebec are primped and primed more than any other pooches in the country, with 17 per cent visiting a professional to be groomed.One thing is clear: canines are cherished members of families in the great white north. To see how your family dog stacks up against the rest of the country, visit www.dogchow.ca.


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