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Canada’s Biggest & Best Casino Resorts

By on July 21, 2013
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Pretty soon now – you’re going to learn to relax – right? You just haven’t quite got around to it yet, but once you’ve got over this particular hump facing you, it’ll be time to take it easy!

Most people in the western world have been telling themselves something along these lines for many years. It’s part of our collective “guilt-work” tradition! A good way around this is to force the issue by pre-booking a vacation somewhere that’s easy to get to and where there are lots of opportunities to relax. For some, this involves health spas – but others want a more rounded experience and something exciting to do in the evenings – along with a golf course or two and a health spa to boot, and maybe some hiking and skiing etc.

One good choice is a casino resort offering a little of everything. These are great for treating yourself and really zoning out for a while – whilst still having fun and entertainment in the evenings.

There are various Canadian casino guides and reviews – so do your homework in some depth before you go. Obviously, your individual choice will depend on what you’re going for, exactly, but they all have leisure facilities aplenty.

Screen shot 2014 07 21 at 10.19.01 AM - Canada’s Biggest & Best Casino Resorts

Casino Niagara by Vikram Vetrivel 

The biggest resort western Canada has to offer in this regard is the River Rock Casino in British Columbia right on the shoreline of the Fraser River, in Richmond. The casino covers some 70,000 square feet with over 900 slot machines, a poker room featuring 14 tables and many other facilities. But if you’re here for the health benefits, then the eating is great and as healthy as your choices make it. River Rock’s “Absolute” spa completes the picture if you’re really going healthy here – and just want to indulge yourself at the same time.

If you’re coming to a casino resort and don’t know how to play, then playing online for free offers good practice. At MyCasinoRoom.com, for example, there are regular prize giveaways of 50 free spins – and you can play the games in demo mode only; ideal for learning the ropes. There’s also a $500 match bonus if you want to play for real stakes and if you get lucky – it might just pay for a real break.

And one more place many people enjoy doing just that is at Caesar’s Windsor Hotel and Casino in Ontario, just across the border from Detroit, Michigan. In addition to the excellent casino here, there’s also a state of the art fitness centre, set in an impressive 10,000-square-feet atrium – along with the “Esthetica” spa.

Meanwhile, the resort’s Colosseum showroom regularly features some of the world’s biggest stars – and there are six different restaurants to choose from.

 It’s a similar deal at the Casino Niagara in Ontario, the Casino de Montreal in Quebec and the River Cree Resort and Casino in west Edmonton which is a top-class luxury resort as well as a hockey centre.

Sometimes – we just have to book the vacations to force ourselves into a corner. And after a few days away – you can bet you’ll be wondering why you left it so long; enjoy!

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