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Calling Health Entrepreneurs! Custom Nutra Says Gummy Vitamins Are a 10 Billion Dollar Industry

By on January 4, 2019
Screen Shot 2019 01 04 at 12.44.37 PM 300x336 - Calling Health Entrepreneurs! Custom Nutra Says Gummy Vitamins Are a 10 Billion Dollar Industry

According to the Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ), a 2015 analysis of markets predicted the current gummy popularity we now see.

In fact, gummies for kids make up about 35% of the market share for gummies as part of an ever-growing 48 Billion dollar supplement industry.Total sales in the industry are expected to grow 5-7% annually after adding 2.6BB in news sales in 2016. 

These are real numbers in an industry that has seen continued and sustained growth for the past 9 straight years.

How To Ride The Wave Of Success

It’s easier than ever to get into the supplement business or expand your line. With so many services available and marketing channels open, it’s never been easier to enter the market. Capitalizing on this opportunity is as easy as locating a reliable manufacturer that offers a low minimum order quantity, private labeling and can dropship orders. With these services and a few phone calls, you can add to your line or start a new one in hours. It’s really that simple. 

The key to success is sales of course. And the key to getting sales is getting leads. The Brand Director at Massive PR, Raoul Schultz says this, “We’re noticing a high volume of inquiries from young startups who are taking advantage of the gummy supplement craze and a surprising number of these are successful when their media campaigns are done with good analytics and competent customer support.” 

“One of the single most important pieces of advice we can offer to our clients is to suggest that they allow us to use our experience and strategies to help them market their company and build their brand. Establishing a footprint in the marketplace is essential and knowing fast and effective ways to do so tends to yield the best results.”

Why Kid’s Gummies?

Holding the #1 spot in supplements is multivitamins. The majority of kid’s gummies are multivitamin formulas and some have added minerals. 

Entering into a proven, successful market has its drawbacks (competition mainly) but benefits include the fact that the market is proven and that there is current demand. Kid’s gummies are growing in the gummies share, and multivitamins have been atop the list of best-selling supplements for years.

Improving Children’s Vitamin Supplements  

Gummy vitamins are bringing about a whole new demographic and acceptance of daily supplement consumption within US households. With this acceptance comes market growth as consumption rises.

With growth comes competition and competition leads to innovation. Innovation in the supplement industry leads to better containers, higher potencies, safer ingredients and so much more. And the competition between supplement manufacturers has led to lower minimum orders, better prices and more services.

Capitalize on this opportunity by expanding your line or building your brand. Kid’s gummies offer a great opportunity to begin or grow. And offering a way to help kid’s be healthier is a great added benefit.