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Begin Your Day With Nature’s Healthiest Superfoods

By on October 8, 2013
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   Despite all of the nutritional guidance circulating in the mainstream, people still seem to be most challenged when it comes to the proverbial ‘most important meal of the day’ breakfast. It is all too common for most to grab a whole wheat bagel and a coffee or an organic fruit salad sprinkled with granola on top. There is the paleo camp with 3 egg whites and guacamole and the traditional camp with oatmeal with flax seeds and perhaps a dash of maple syrup. 
    Even with the best of intentions most are simply not making ideal choices. Your physiological and metabolic processes are directly influenced throughout all of your morning activities based on these critical food choices. While the whole wheat bagel may provide marginally higher fibre content than a white bagel, gluten is an ever increasing problem for many with a host of symptoms and consequences.  A fruit salad with granola is often too sweet and made with high glycemic fruits such as pineapple and grapes accented with more carbohydrate, highly processed granola that is often coated in cane sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Guacamole is a wonderful choice, but egg whites are not ideal. If eggs are consumed, they are nutritionally better on the softer side; so, that the protein does not get denatured and contrary to popular warnings on cholesterol issues, should be consumed with the yolk to maintain a higher net nitrogen utilization. Oatmeal although it is often touted as a healthy food may not be the best choice for certain people. Even if it is labeled gluten free, oatmeal does contain a compound known as avenin, a glutinous protein very similar to the gliadin in wheat. A small percentage of people will react with sensitivity and or an allergy.  
    Sprouted buckwheat or sprouted quinoa are incredibly nourishing as porridge or as oat alternatives with higher protein to carbohydrate ratios and enhanced digestibility due to the germination process. With a tablespoon of coconut oil for healthy fat, a splash of homemade almond milk, a dash of cinnamon and a tablespoon of sprouted chia powder for additional fibre and omega-3, this is a powerful breakfast.  
    One of the most common breakfast choices is cereal. Most cereals are grain based and laden with sugar. There are healthier alternatives however beginning to appear like sprouted superfood breakfast cereals containing goji berries, golden berries, acai, maqui, coconut, sprouted chia, sprouted flax, sprouted quinoa and other more nutritious ingredients. These cereals are satisfying and nourishing, high fibre, high protein, omega-3 rich with just enough sweetness provided from super fruits. Add a cup of homemade almond milk and a teaspoon of yacon syrup if you prefer a slightly sweeter taste and fuel yourself with the very best superfood breakfast for optimal blood sugar balance, mood, performance, stamina and focus.

Superfood Porridge

    This is a comforting morning breakfast loaded with great superfoods. Add cacao powder for a chocolate version or spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom.  Almond milk can be replaced with hemp milk or homemade cashew milk.  

1 cup of almond milk
¼ cup of Organic Traditions 
Ultimate Sprouted Superfood Cereal
2 tsp. of Organic Traditions 
Raw Coconut oil
A dash of cinnamon

1 tbsp. of Organic Traditions Cacao powder

    Gently warm the almond milk to the desired temperature. Do not bring the almond milk to a boil.  Mix in the cereal and coconut oil.  Serve with a dash of cinnamon to taste. Enjoy.

Renita Rietz is a health and nutrition writer.  E-mail: [email protected]

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