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Begin Your Day with Energy

By on September 4, 2019
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Achieve more with maca. This is the story of the average, skinny guy who completely changes his life with exercise, nutrition and supplementation. This is my story.

I was truly quite skinny my whole life. I was lucky to have grown up to six feet in height, but none the less it just made my arms and legs look even more skinny. Having been surrounded by people who were either of higher stature or just plainly gifted with a tall and strong look, my self-esteem took a big toll. Surrounded by good friends and family I was always pushed to do better, so I implemented workout routines a few times in my life. Some of the workouts I tried were the P90X routine (which I only did half of), Insanity (which I lasted 3 weeks), and I even joined the gym.

This made me realize that I needed to follow a stricter regimen and truly stick to it. It was a change in lifestyle I was truly after. So, as my 2019 New Year’s resolution I decided to try out a change in nutrition and supplementation.

For a long time I have believed in the products my family company (UHTCO) has put to market over the years, but I had never really implemented them in my life on a strict regimen; therefore, I never got to see the outstanding results. One of the most amazing products that UHTCO has brought to market is the raw gelatinized maca 6:1, traditionally used for energy, hormonal balance, and overall well-being. I had previously taken the product before and knew it tasted good and had good results for customers, but I had never taken it on a regular schedule to optimize results.

Some mild effects from the maca can be felt but the results were not instant like an energy drink. After taking the maca in my smoothies routinely in the morning I began to feel a lot more energy throughout the day. Little by little I started to notice I was getting a lot more done during the day, in overall work performance, house chores, cooking and cleaning and that is when I realized just how important supplementation is.

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Did you know? Maca has over 30 minerals that can be found as well as amino acids, complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids and vitamins. Now, I had taken other typical supplements like whey protein and creatine with energizing substances. I found that overtime I did manage to pack on more muscle, weight and overall body mass, but I simply wasn’t getting the results I truly wanted. There were times I was at the gym and just could not pass the 45-minute mark. I simply did not have the energy to keep going. Once I implemented maca powder I started seeing real results not just in my body but in my overall well-being. I was getting a 1-hour workout, plus 30 minutes of cardio and even had energy to do chores at home.

What many people don’t realize is how much good nutrition and supplementation can affect your day to day routine. Take it from someone who just learned this lesson at 25. Implement good nutrition and supplementation into your life and you will not regret it! Now everyday, even on days that I don’t workout, I make sure to add some maca to my milk in the morning in order to get a great start to my day! If you would like proof, take a look at my before and after photos, and you can be the judge! PS – I’m only half way to my goal.

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Nicholas Urena is the Business Development and Operations Director for UHTCO Corporation. Until recently, I have always been referred to as the “tall, skinny guy.” Getting called a “lanky kid” and “spaghetti arms,” was normal in my life. I’ve always been an adventurous person, love to get lost in off-trails in a forest and just be active. But even with being in what is technically a good physical condition, I was never happy with my strength and overall looks. Changing my lifestyle meant prioritizing my goals in order to truly make a difference. Now, I’m in the greatest shape of my life and I am striving to do bigger and better things.

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