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A Meditation on Tearing Down Inner and Invisible Walls

By on June 13, 2018
Screen Shot 2018 06 13 at 7.29.08 AM 300x336 - A Meditation on Tearing Down Inner and Invisible Walls

Tearing down inner and invisible walls is a process not unlike tearing down an actual wall. From a purely engineering perspective, for the best leverage start at the ends and work towards the middle using the sharpest diamond or carbide blades. For tearing down inner walls, be aware of the most basic, hardest cutting emotions. What makes you the most angry, sad, frustrated and fearful?

These are the ends of the wall. Being aware of them can help you discover other underlying emotions with self-analysis. Emotions are like the layers of a brick wall one on top of the other. Underneath, the first layer usually holds a lost perspective or deep desire, such as, I really want to do the best job possible for my clients. I want to keep my family safe. I really want the economy to thrive for my business, my employees, my people and the rest of the world. I want to be loved and respected.

Understanding Why We Build Them
There is nothing really new about building walls for any of us. As children we have always associated making blanket forts and snow forts with a sense of added security and safety. This is why the idea of building walls is most compelling and effective on those who feel the most fear. We all also want to protect and preserve our way of life and our ability to make a living to feed our children. We believe we build walls to protect what we have. In an information and economy driven world, walls can be more invisible but damaging.  Our survival as a species has depended on surviving in harsh environments and banding together against common enemies and adversities. We evolved this way and we are still evolving. Are our enemies now each other or conceptual, like poverty, fairness and economic viability?

We’re All One
We are all wall builders and binders. We are all afraid of losing some of what we possess, be it ideologies, ego, resources, control. But, we are also all one. There’s a wall-builder in each of us because our minds naturally divide the world into us and them or me and not-me. Even though walls may make things look clear and distinct, walls block everyone’s view.

Seeing all the pieces, gives you the highest perspective, no matter what type of inner or invisible walls you may face. Only then are you free from the ones built around yourself and others.


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