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Meet Superleaf Moringa

By on July 5, 2018
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If you’re following health trends, chances are, you’ve heard of Moringa oleifera. Moringa is a nutrient packed green superfood for the health-conscious and the ethically-minded. Traditionally known as the “tree of life,” its leaves are ground into a greens powder or can be taken in convenient capsule form.

With over 92 nutrients, 46 known antioxidants and 18 amino acids, moringa ranks with wheatgrass, kale, spirulina and chlorella. In fact, moringa contains more chlorophyll than wheatgrass and more known nutrients per gram than any other food.

Health Benefits of Moringa
Hundreds of clinical studies have investigated moringa as a natural medicine and a source of potent phytochemicals for potential use to treat disease. Moringa may offer health benefits for:
● anemia
● arthritis
● asthma
● cancer
● diabetes
● ulcers
● inflammation
● bacterial, fungal and viral infections

Moringa has other uses. It may help aid to:
● reduce swelling
● reduce hypertension
● relieve stress
● protect the nervous system
● boost the immune system
● increase breast milk production

Every part of the moringa tree can be used medicinally, from its roots to its leaves. In developing countries, moringa is cultivated to fight malnutrition and the seeds are used to purify water. Moringa is easy to grow in dry and harsh conditions without pesticides, which makes moringa incredibly sustainable.

The seeds of the moringa tree also have health and beauty benefits. When cold-pressed, moringa seed oil is a moisturizing skin treatment that many people use for relief from skin conditions, including acne, psoriasis and eczema.

How to Choose the Right Moringa
Not all moringa is cultivated and in the same way. The soil it grows in can be depleted or contaminated. If the leaves are left to dry in the sun, they are exposed to allergens and dust. If dried in the shade, they’re susceptible to mold or fungus. Choose one cultivated in optimal conditions. Look for moringa that is raw, organic, non-irradiated, non-GMO and free from preservatives.

SuperLeaf Moringa is a Canadian brand grown in Nicaragua at a certified organic farm, where the growing and drying techniques have been perfected. The soil is repeatedly tested and proven free from heavy metals and contaminants.

The farm is fertilized with mineral-rich volcanic ash and organic compost. Once the leaves are picked, they are washed in ozone water which destroys microorganisms, yet leaves no chemical residue. Leaves are dried at low temperatures in a rotary stainless-steel dryer, to preserve nutrients. SuperLeaf Moringa contains no binding agents, gluten, dairy or sugar. SuperLeaf Moringa is a brand backed by rigorous quality control and commitment to delivering the purest, most nutritious moringa.

Green for You, Green for the Planet
Every purchase of SuperLeaf Moringa also benefits Organics 4 Orphans (O4O), a grassroots NGO in Africa supporting communities through sustainable small-scale farming. To date, O4O has trained 1,000 community leaders to grow sustainable, nutrient-rich, organic food and natural medicine in 20 countries and over 300 communities.

The moringa tree is among the natural medicinal plants cultivated by O4O. While SuperLeaf Moringa is not sourced in Africa, the moringa grown by O4O directly supports local communities. They use it as a nutrient-dense food and natural medicine. When you buy SuperLeaf Moringa you’re supporting grassroots, organic agriculture and sustainability in some of the world’s poorest countries. That makes SuperLeaf Moringa a very green choice!

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