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5 Must-Know Diabetic Supplies

By on September 24, 2018

For those recently diagnosed with diabetes or for those who are simply looking to become more educated on the disease, there is a lot to learn. Diabetes affects millions of Americans and requires constant monitoring and treatment. In order to do this properly however, those affected by diabetes must rely on diabetic supplies. There are a number of products that are vital for maintaining health, but among them are several that are particularly important to understand. To aid in general understanding and promote overall well-being, below are some diabetic supplies that are important to know.

Insulin Pumps

For those with diabetes, the production or proper use of insulin in the body does not occur. Because of this, those with diabetes must be receive outside help from certain supplies in order to overcome this. Insulin pumps are devices that are able to act in a similar capacity to the pancreas and deliver insulin throughout the body. Most commonly, insulin is distributed through a layer of skin in the stomach and on a schedule that is preprogrammed into the device. And now on the market are traditional insulin pumps that attach to the body as well as patch pumps. These devices utilize pumps containing insulin and tubing to deliver it through an infusion set. The role insulin pumps play in keeping blood sugar levels in a safe range is extremely important for those with diabetes.

Glucose Meter

In order to monitor blood glucose levels, those with diabetes must use glucose meters. These devices are used several times a day in order to keep a vigilant eye on blood sugar and frequency may vary based upon doctor’s recommendations. The accuracy of this test can vary based on external factors including the quality of testing strips or the actual meter. The manner in which glucose meters are used may also vary, so it is important to consult the directions on the package of your device. Frequently blood is drawn from a finger and used on a testing strip. The glucose meter will then conduct the test on the strip and will relay the information in the form of a measurement of glucose per a specific measure of blood.

Insulin Syringes and Pens

An insulin syringe is the device used to inject insulin into the body. The physical needle used for distribution is only several millimeters but is able to distribute insulin into fat beneath the skin. Gradually however, more and more are opting for insulin pens because of the ease of use that it enables in comparison to syringes. These devices carry insulin cartridges and can come in one-time use form or reusable versions. Even with the reusable pen, it is necessary for the needle to be disposed of with each use. There are some limitations to insulin pens including the fact that some cannot use all types of insulin and that it comes at a greater cost than using the syringe,but overall they are a reasonable alternative to traditional testing methods.

Testing Strips

Diabetic test strips are the method by which glucose meters are able to return results on blood sugar levels. These strips come coated in a chemical that is able to react with the blood it is exposed to, which is then used with the meter. When using test strips it is important to note that several things can affect the accuracy of the reading. That can include the brand of the strip, the amount of blood applied, and the amount test strips are inserted into glucometers. Knowing that is critical as readings affect how people treat their glucose levels and often determine what actions that they engage in. This is also why it is important to test several times a day as an incorrect reading could open individuals up to risk.

Glucose Tablets

In moments in which glucose levels drop low and require a quick raise, glucose tablets can be used as a means of rapidly correcting blood sugar levels. Glucose tablets are chewable sugar tablets meant to counteract the effects of hypoglycemia(low blood sugar) and also come in liquid and powder form. Glucose tablets are meant to be kept close by for quick use and can be simply purchased at pharmacies. Especially during periods of physical activity, keep an eye out for signs of hypoglycemia and monitor the effects of the tablet once it is consumed. It may take fifteen to twenty minutes for blood sugars levels to rise.

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