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Win! A Fabulous Trio of Lalma Teas

By on February 27, 2014
Screen shot 2014 02 27 at 10.59.51 PM 300x249 - Win! A Fabulous Trio of Lalma Teas

Enjoy this wonderful trio of teas offered through our Lalma line. These unique teas, bursting with flavour, will bring you pleasure and comfort, in addition to numerous health benefits. Prize value: $49.99

Nicknamed the "Immortality tea", Jiaogulan favors emotional and psychological balance and energizes the body and the mind. 

Ener-Jio triggers a real energy explosion! The explosive synergy brought about by these natural herbs  gives an energy boost and stimulates the body and the mind.

Prepare a delicious German, home-made mulled wine with this blend of spices and black tea. 

To learn more about this trio of teas visit : www.viragesante.com              

The prize winner is Lisa Halamic of Chilliwack, BC. Announced June 11th.

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