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Toronto Matrix Energetics Fundamentals

By on August 21, 2013

Toronto Matrix Energetics Fundamentals, ON

Sept 12-15, 2013

Hilton Toronto Airport Hotel & Suites
5875 Airport Road
Mississauga, ON, Canada L4V 1N1

MATRIX ENERGETICS – The Science & Art of Transformation

"Waking Up In the Matrix" is a free Introduction to Matrix Energetics offered by Dr. Richard Bartlett and his inspiring co-instructor Melissa Joy. Pre-registration for this event is not required. The event is open to the public as space permits. Please feel free to bring your friends and family. There will be an opportunity to register for the Fundamentals seminar following this event, if students have not already registered for the seminar in advance.

Dr. Bartlett and Melissa Joy will present "Waking up in the Matrix" where participants are introduced to the Matrix Energetics field of infinite possibilities. Through informative demonstrations, humor, play, and spontaneous audience interactions, the idea and experience of co-creating inside the living matrix is explored. Dr. Bartlett and Melissa Joy will share some of their amazing experiences of transformation through the morphic field of Matrix Energetics with you. They will entertain your questions about shifting long-standing patterns, explore the science behind the magic, and give live demonstrations utilizing this amazing cutting-edge consciousness technology.

The Introductory evening will provide the interested student with a glimpse into what will be presented throughout the Matrix Energetics Fundamentals seminars. Attendees will gain a general overview of the basic principles in Matrix Energetics in an easy to understand playful fashion. Participants will have an opportunity to shift patterns in their reality as a result of being a part of this collective experience. Dr. Bartlett and Melissa Joy will spontaneously demonstrate the consciousness technology on volunteers. Everyone in the audience derives benefit from the individual examples presented on stage. It is not necessary for students to have an interaction on stage in order to experience changes in their reality. The changes experienced can be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, and relational in nature. Anything is possible and everyone who is curious is invited to attend.

The Introduction to Matrix Energetics event is optional and is open to the public as space allows. The event is for new students who may want to know more about Matrix Energetics before signing up for the Fundamentals seminar. It is also for new students who are already registered to attend the Fundamentals seminar scheduled that weekend. The Introductory evening begins the Fundamentals seminar experience and is recommended for anyone who is already scheduled to attend the seminar that weekend. Returning students are encouraged to attend as well. Everyone is welcome to join us for a playful evening of transformation in the unified field of consciousness potential.

Time: 7:00-9:00pm in select cities in North America where a Fundamentals course is scheduled to occur that weekend.

The ME Fundamentals seminar is about accessing transformation, empowerment and infinite possibilities, utilizing the extremely playful and life-changing consciousness technology known as Matrix Energetics®. Students learn to reliably and consistently move into the field of the heart to access the Universal Field of Consciousness Potential known as the Zero Point Field. From this point of intuitive awareness, all methods of Matrix Energetics are easily accessible and provide for instantaneous and life-long changes in all aspects of reality.

This experiential weekend is designed for all to attend, play, learn and manifest amazing new possibilities. The course is open to students of any background. Whether you are an experienced healing practitioner or have little or no medical or wellness background, you can easily learn to play with the morphic field of Matrix Energetics to help yourself and help others. Based on widely known scientific principles of Quantum Physics and lesser-known Russian Torsion Physics, this powerful system of transformation is easy to learn and even easier to experience. There is no scientific background required.

This seminar is taught by the founder of Matrix Energetics, Dr. Richard Bartlett, and his inspiring co-instructor Melissa Joy. Students learn to notice what they notice and notice what is different. Through this simple approach to reality creation, it becomes evident that reality is an illusion that is easily transformed with the support of the Unified Field. Special emphasis is also made in assisting students with getting out of their own way as well as letting go. All patterns and conditions, whether they are physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or financial can change through a shift in consciousness.

This work harmonizes and enhances other modalities such as bodywork, massage, coaching, chiropractic, acupuncture, and techniques such as Quantum-Touch®, Reiki, as well as Reconnective Healing®. Practitioners find they obtain quick, observable results with no waiting and no running of energy.

ME Fundamentals will teach you how to connect with the field of Matrix Energetics to make changes instantly. You will learn how to easily shift focus outside the concept of a problem set into a new solution set, where transformation becomes a power with which you joyfully co-create. Specific techniques are taught that utilize the power of focused intent, playfulness, and heart-centered awareness to create real-time changes in patterns, precepts and awareness. Specifically, students will learn the art and science of the 2-point method, Time Travel techniques and Parallel Universe Theory in application.

In addition, students learn to playfully access their intuitive capabilities through a process referred to as Archetypes. This facet of Matrix Energetics specifically opens up clairvoyance and fosters "Hemispheric Synchronization" or Whole Brain Awareness. The format of the seminar is experiential in nature, with powerful demonstrations and question and answer sessions that will assist in opening up new ways of thinking about and experiencing reality.

Students will also learn a unique intuitive process of accessing windows of information to easily and seamlessly integrate all of the tools presented. This process can be applied in everyday life to practically and intuitively access solutions and shifts in patterns, anywhere at any time. Students also learn more advanced techniques supported by comprehensive demonstrations. The technique of Templates will be presented to help the practitioner specifically interact with morphic fields of information contained within the Unified Field of Consciousness. These templates can be used for healing, transformation as well as manifestation. Also, in this class students will learn about the 21 Universal Frequencies that are thought to govern healing and disease in the human species. These powerful, self-intelligent forces of energy and information can be applied to any situation and are very easy to use. They are self-transformative and can also be used at a distance to shift patterns in others as well as the environment. Students may also learn to use modules for shifting patterns and precepts. There will be additional experiential practices and more informative question and answer sessions. Dr. Bartlett and Melissa Joy reveal their processes in action by providing specific live demonstrations throughout the workshop.

*Upon completion of this workshop, students will receive a certificate of completion designating successful participation in this Matrix Energetics seminar.

Matrix Energetics merges the science of subtle energy and quantum physics with the incredible power of active imagination and focused intent to produce physical and verifiable effects. Expand your skill-sets in conscious living and be the change you want to see.

Special note: Professionals who have studied anatomy and physiology have more specific knowledge coming into a seminar about healing, but this does not preclude people with less knowledge or experience from becoming competent and powerful practitioners with ease. Sometimes "educated knowledge" can actually hinder the expression of an innate experience of profound depth and wonder. The universal mind accepts and embraces all who, in humility and curiosity, seek to open the doors of knowledge.

What former attendees are saying about Matrix Energetics:

"This weekend has opened the door to unlimited potential and miracles for me. Richard does a great job expanding awareness and Melissa has an amazing ability to help make sense of the material while still staying in the heart. What a dynamic team! I can't wait for another seminar."

"This seminar has changed my life. I feel I can easily do this work now to make fundamental shifts for myself and others. I deeply commend the openness of Richard and Melissa in their giving of this information so freely with non-attachment. Thank you."

"Matrix Energetics has brought my childhood fantasies into adult reality. All was possible then and all is possible again. I love the meeting of science, spirit and reality for practical transformation."

"This work and play is the culmination of everything I have been seeking for years. The time and money was well spent. I can't believe how much value is provided to students in a three day seminar. I will definitely be back again. Thank you Richard, Melissa, and the whole ME team!"

MAGIC: Creation Realization and Manifestation

Treading the Inner Corridors of Power & Possibility

This seminar is co-taught by Dr. Richard Bartlett and co-instructor Melissa Joy. Prerequisite: Students must have successfully completed a minimum of one Fundamentals or one Level 1&2 seminar. Students may attend the Magic seminar immediately upon completion of the above requirement.

The Magic seminar explores the powerful field of consciousness potential and further expands upon the fundamental Matrix Energetics skill-sets taught at the Fundamentals seminar. This course is focused on the art and science of creation, realization and manifestation, and effectively takes individuals into the realms of intensified personal empowerment. From this continually expanding place of heart-centered being, students gain a greater mastery of magical living, healing, manifestation and personal transformation. Once the dependable state of heart-centered awareness is cultivated in connection with the Unified Field, various techniques in the Magic seminar expand upon life-transforming skills that allow for the unconscious to become conscious. The theme of the Magic seminar is the development of personal responsibility and awareness of self to expand reality beyond previously limiting patterns. From the platform of heart-centered awareness, the Magic seminar offers specific techniques for life change, many of which derive from a foundation in Western Magical Practices.

THIS TRAINING CLASS IS ONLY OPEN TO STUDENTS WHO HAVE COMPLETED ONE (1) MATRIX ENERGETICS FUNDAMENTALS SEMINAR OR ONE (1) LEVEL 1&2 SEMINAR. Upon completion of attendance and participation in this workshop students will receive a certificate of completion from Matrix Energetics International.

This course is not required for completion of Practitioner Certification requirements. However, completed attendance will count 8 hours toward certification requirements. Attend this course and move one step closer to becoming an official Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner!






MASTERY: The Journey into Self-Mastery

This seminar is co-taught by Dr. Richard Bartlett and co-instructor Melissa Joy. Prerequisite: Students must have successfully completed a minimum of one Magic or one Level 3 seminar. Students may attend the Magic seminar immediately upon completion of the above requirement.

The Mastery seminar currently represents the culmination of Matrix Energetics course offerings and is a Journey into Self-Mastery. In this groundbreaking training course, Melissa and Richard present in-depth and comprehensive templates of advanced skill-sets for students of Matrix Energetics' continued journey toward self-mastery.

You will learn how to locate physical/energetic areas of imbalance in the body, determine the cause of the imbalance and utilize specific energetic tools and techniques to correct imbalances contributing to the condition or problem. Dr. Bartlett and Melissa Joy have personally and professionally been using this new process consistently with very powerful results.

In the Mastery seminar, the skills you have developed and mastered in Fundamentals and Magic provide the foundational essence from which you will build upon with specific templates that can be utilized for manifestation, transformation and healing for yourself and others.

In the Mastery seminar you will learn:

  • A 100% all-new, advanced protocol specifically designed to address a broad spectrum of health conditions and symptoms
  • Powerful new tools to explore the process of deep inner transmutation and self-mastery
  • New scientific information of torsion field physics which contains the secret essence of instant manifestation and transformation
  • Breakthrough skills in tracking and immersing the student's consciousness in multidimensional thinking
  • Unique action templates that take your skill-sets deeper than has ever been presented in any Matrix Energetics course
  • Exercises and additional techniques covering the ability to immerse the student in heart-centered reality structuring and multi-dimensional awareness
  • Further exploration and implementation of exercises for developing and honing your intuitive abilities

THIS TRAINING CLASS IS ONLY OPEN TO STUDENTS WHO HAVE COMPLETED ONE (1) MATRIX ENERGETICS MAGIC SEMINAR OR ONE (1) LEVEL 3 SEMINAR. Upon completion of attendance and participation in this workshop students will receive a certificate of completion from Matrix Energetics International.

This course is not required for completion of Practitioner Certification requirements. However, completed attendance will count 12 hours toward certification requirements. Attend this course and move one step closer to becoming an official Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner!


A groundbreaking new workshop and a totally new way to experience Matrix Energetics! Prerequisite: Students must attend the preceding Fundamentals seminar.

Attend the all new, exclusive "Matrix Unplugged" day of higher learning, where you will have the opportunity to study with the creator and developer of the Matrix Energetics System of Transformation, Dr. Richard Bartlett, and the talented and always inspirational Melissa Joy.

This new offering to the Matrix Energetics system will take your Matrix Energetics experience into new realms of proficiency that will further open your intuitive abilities and provide a practical and deep expansion of your M.E. skill sets.

The Unplugged seminar series will focus on a number of specific tools and unique skills:

  • Learn how to enhance your ability to track information in a format that Richard calls "Spatial Clairvoyance". This is one of Richard's most prized methods of working with intuitively-generated information.
  • Learn more about how to achieve instantaneous and powerful verifiable changes in the physical body template.
  • Explore and develop the ability to accurately elicit specific information from the Morphic Field about any subject or topic.
  • Learn how to create, enhance, and activate in yourself specific informational templates.
  • Explore how to set up the elements of your day, week, and life in order to create a greater specificity in achieving your goals in life.
  • Discover for yourself how to determine what will or will not work ideally in a given situation to create a desired outcome.
  • Work with Advanced Windows to engage in the process of reality creation.
  • Leverage spatial clairvoyance to perform psychic forensics on yourself, your emotional responses and habitual mental processes..

In order to learn how to change your life you must BEGIN WITHIN.

Please note: Matrix Unplugged is offered as an add-on to select Fundamentals seminars. To attend Unplugged, you must attend the preceding Fundamentals seminar.

This course is not required for completion of Practitioner Certification requirements. However, completed attendance will count 8 hours toward certification requirements. Attend this course and move one step closer to becoming an official Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner!







Upon successful completion of all designated requirements, applicants will earn the title of Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner and will be able to use the Matrix Energetics logo on business cards, brochures and select marketing materials. Active Certified Practitioners will also be listed on our official website under the category of Certified Practitioners.

Practitioners will be required to maintain their certification by attending one Fundamentals (Level 1&2) or Magic (Level 3) or Mastery (Level 4) seminar per year. Practitioners will be eligible for the repeat seminar discount, if they have attended the same level previously, or they may serve as a staff intern/ facilitator as space allows.

Outline of Requirements and Training for Practitioner Certification

  • Attend two (2) complete Matrix Energetics Fundamentals Seminars (Level 1&2) AND attend and complete the Matrix Energetics Practitioner Certification stand-alone (two-day) Training Seminar. After completing one (1) Fundamentals seminar (Level 1&2), you are eligible to attend the PC Training Seminar.
  • You may attend ANY two (2) Matrix Energetics Fundamentals Seminars (Level 1&2) anywhere at any time as space permits. Previous attendance at ME Fundamentals Seminars (Level 1&2) within two (2) years of attending your PC Training Seminar may be counted. You are not required to attend the ME Fundamentals Seminar (Level 1&2) immediately preceding the PC Training Seminar, unless you have not attended a Fundamentals Seminar (Level 1&2) previously.
  • Complete and document in journal format, 120 Practicum Certification Hours utilizing Matrix Energetics as follows:






    • Minimum of 60 hours/sessions with client. Clients may be friends, family, patients, volunteers and animals.
    • Minimum of 20 hours/sessions with self.
    • Minimum of 20 hours/sessions in group practice setting by participating in a Matrix Energetics Study Group or Teleconference.
    • Up to 36 hours for Optional Seminar Attendance as follows:






      • Maximum of 8 hours for attending a third Fundamentals (Level 1&anmp;2).
      • Maximum of 8 hours for attending Unplugged.
      • Maximum of 8 hours for attending Magic (Level 3).
      • Maximum of 12 hours for attending Mastery (Level 4).
      • PC Journal should be simple, concise and include a cover page including full name, specific seminars attended, PC Training Seminar attended and brief summary of your practicum hours.

Cover Sheet Example:

Name: Kelly Quantum
Seminars Attended: Fort Lauderdale, L1/2 April 2012, San Diego L1/2 & 3 August 2012,
Seattle L1/L2 December 2012, Level 4 Seattle May 2012,
PC Training Seattle December 2012.
Hours Completed: 128 sessions/hours (35 in-person sessions, 25 distance sessions, 20 hours self, 20 hours study group, 8 hours third Level 1&2, 8 hours Level 3, 12 hours Level 4)

Documentation for each session should include:

  • First name of client (initials are acceptable)
  • Date of the session
  • Pre-session condition
  • Observations made by practitioner during session: What YOU notice. This must include specifics, for example: two point, time travel, parallel universes, etc.
  • Observations made by client: What they notice as a result of session. Post-session condition.


Documentation for each Study Group or Teleconference should include:

  • Name of Study Group/Teleconference Leader
  • Date of the Study Group/Teleconference and Location for Study Groups
  • Focus or Topic of Study Group/Teleconference
  • What did you learn as a result of participating?


Certification Process Completion

  • A $150 certification processing fee is due upon notification of approval of your submitted PC journal.
  • Successful completion (80% or higher) of a Matrix Energetics Fundamentals Certification Exam, based on principles covered throughout the PC Training Seminar and core concepts from required reading material referenced in PC Training.


Registration for the Practitioner Certification Training Program
IS NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE at: www.matrixenergetics.com/seminars.aspx.
Repeat PC attendee discount available through calling the office at: 800-269-9513.

For more information please visit the website at: www.matrixenergetics.com/Practitioners.aspx and review Practitioner Certification North America FAQ.

If you have any further questions, please email: [email protected].

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