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Thermography, Early Risk Assessment for Breast Health

By on October 26, 2017
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There is a place in Kitchener that has been changing women’s lives for over nine years, through the technology of Thermography (FDA approved in 1982). While it may not be apparent at first how this is possible from a seemingly simple digital image, to one Kitchener woman in particular, the power of thermography is undeniable.

Mary Kubisewsky, who herself has had breast cancer twice, opened the first Thermography Clinic in Kitchener in 2008, and is located at 9 Cameron St. N. in Kitchener.

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Thermography is a procedure that takes images of the breast which are then analyzed by a doctor in Toronto to determine the risk of developing breast cancer. It’s non-invasive, radiation free and can be adapted to offer any level of privacy the patient requests. The process begins with the client acclimating (cooling down) topless to the cool room temperature. Then a series of five images are taken with an infrared camera, followed by a cold water challenge, where the hands are placed in 10 degrees ºC water for one minute. This causes the blood vessels in a healthy breast to constrict. The moment a cancer cell divides and begins to multiply, it creates its own blood supply (angiogenesis) and won’t be affected by the cold water. This area remains warmer and will be visible in the second set of images.

Kubisewsky has a constant flow of patients to her clinic, not only from Kitchener Waterloo, but surrounding areas, and has been extending her hours of operation. She also does mobile clinics in Listowel, Goderich and Leamington.

“I’m a survivor,” Kubisewsky said, “and helping other women either through the breast cancer journey or avoiding it completely through breast thermography has become my passion.”

A 61% increase in survival rates and up to 95% of early stage breast cancers can be detected when using thermography along with structural testing and self breast examination. This technology can provide an early warning of up to 10 years, and allows women to be proactive and take control of their health. It can also be used to analyze results from inconclusive mammograms; monitors chemotherapy progress; and can establish a baseline of breast health for measuring future changes in the breasts (we recommend women begin at age 25).

At present, breast thermography is not covered by OHIP – the cost is $265 which includes two appointments: one for imaging and the second for a consultation when the report comes from Toronto in 8 to 10 business days.

To make an appointment or for more information call: 519-575-6801 or visit our website: www.thermographyclinic-kw.com.

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